Colonial Interior Style: Explained

Shelves are bursting with exotic souvenirs, cabinets – from travel guides to hot countries, free space in the passport is running out, and the soul demands adventure again … It seems worth thinking about interior decoration in colonial style because dreaming of another safari in the appropriate setting is much more pleasant.


The emergence of the colonial-style is directly related to the era of great geographical discoveries. At this time, the world was ruled by sea powers: England, Spain and Portugal. In an effort to expand their possessions, they founded colonies in Africa, Australia, Asia, India. In general, wherever their powerful hand reached.

Naturally, the new settlers had to live somewhere, and they built simple practical houses according to European traditions. However, the unusually hot climate and natural human curiosity did their job – oriental flavor gradually began to penetrate into the strict classic interiors. This is how the bright and amazing colonial style was born, which remains in demand even after several centuries.

Features of the colonial style

Considering the scale of development and settlement of new territories of that time, it is not surprising that the colonial style of the interior has several directions. These include English, American, French, Spanish, African, and Indian variations. Today we will only look at general features.

The main features of the colonial-style:

  • the harmonious combination of European classics and oriental flavor;
  • use of natural materials;
  • natural colors + bright accents;
  • exotic decor items.


When decorating an interior in a colonial style, special attention is paid to materials – they must be natural. In the first place are stone and wood. They are followed confidently by copper, bronze, brick, and clay. Expensive wood species, such as wenge or meranti, speak for themselves. However, less expensive options are also suitable. Products made of bamboo, rattan, and rubber will help create an atmosphere of light exotic and closeness to wild nature.

Floor, wall, and ceiling finishing

Walls and ceilings are most often decorated in light neutral colors: sand, cream, milky – or left white. Wallpaper with patterns with animal and plant motifs looks good.

The ceiling with wooden beams looks impressive, but this option is appropriate only in country houses and apartments with ceilings above three meters. If you want something unusual, you can decorate with interior fabrics, canvas, or leather. Since the main flooring is parquet, you can add a drop of variety with the help of bright multi-colored carpets or textured mats. Other materials are rarely used in flooring.

Color palette

Walls and ceilings are usually the backgrounds, so they are painted in light pastel colors. To create an expressive contrast, furniture of rich dark color is selected. Ocher, gold, olive, and terracotta shades look interesting, but bright accents are also acceptable.


There are no strict guidelines for choosing furniture. It is good – we are for diversity! The main selection criterion is natural materials. Strength and practicality, too, shouldn’t be canceled.

Living room 

The living room is one of the best places for recreating this style. Its ambiance should be conducive to calm and relaxed conversations and a harmonious mood. Some carpets that imitate animals coat’s patterns and exotic looking wicker chairs with bright-patterned pillows will add colonial style feature to the traditional looking room.

To find some sophisticated furniture pieces in the colonial-style you can go to NY furniture Outlets.

Colonial bedroom

The main decoration of the bedroom is a massive four-poster bed. Just a few centuries ago, it would have protected your sleep from annoying insects, but today it is just a colorful element of decor. The mood will be enhanced by an antique-styled chest.

Colonial kitchen

A carved set with an island will look harmonious in a colonial-style kitchen. On the contrary, choose simple shapes for the table and chairs so as not to overload the interior. A large stone stove or its imitation will help create a cozy home atmosphere.


We left the decor for dessert because it is it who makes the atmosphere in the house unique. Wicker baskets, colorful carpets, African masks, figurines of animals and people, globes, maps, books – now you know exactly what bring souvenirs from vacation. A good idea is to settle in the apartment of the indigenous people of warm countries: a miniature palm tree in a tub, a spreading fern, or a whimsical tropical flower. They will not only remind you of the approaching spring but will also clear the air of carbon dioxide.

The colonial-style of the interior is European comfort and oriental flavor in one bottle. It is suitable not only for avid travelers but also for people who are still dreaming of adventure. Feel the hot air of the savannah and the freshness of the waterfall without leaving your home. Everything is in your hands – go for it!

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