5 Fashionable Christmas Photos You Will Want To Recreate This Year (2020)

With Christmas being only days away and most of us have already started to prepare it is time to plan out that special holiday. This year (2020) things might be different however, we can still make the most of it. Some of us might not get to enjoy this holiday with all of our relatives and friends but we can still make them remember us in a creative and fashionable way. How? Well, by creating stunning Christmas photographs in advance and sending them out as Christmas cards or posting on social media. If this year’s Christmas spirit has failed to inspire you, we made a selection of some very fashionable Christmas pics that you can create in the comfort of your home.

1. Your Favourite “Ugly” Christmas Jumper

Couple In Christmas Jumpers


What is Christmas without a Christmas Jumper? This is the time when you can wear the craziest jumpers and be on-trend. Get one or two and maybe matching accessories like reindeer horns or just a little Santa hat. Embrace that Christmas spirit and you are ready for your Holiday photo shoot.

2. Cozying Up In Your Decorated Home

Girl Reading A Book During Christmas Season


If you are one of those people that absolutely love decorating their homes for Christmas, then a photograph of you being all cozy and enjoying the comfort of your home is a great picture choice. Put your decorations on, maybe a little Santa hat on your head, and enjoy relaxing surrounded by some Christmas joy.

3. A Cute Santa Outfit

Girl With Presents In Santa Outfit


Now if you feel like going over the top with your Christmas card/photo then you can get a cute Santa-inspired costume/outfit. Choose something red with white fur detailing and add that cute Santa hat on top. If you have some wrapped gifts nearby or a matching bag include them as a prop.

4. Those Christmas Lights & Sparks

Girl With Sparkling Lights


This year Christmas markets might not be as magical as usual but there still is some sparkle and Christmas lights to enjoy. Find the most decorated and sparkly place in your town and pose with the magical Christmas lights. If you are one of the brave ones, getting some extra sparkle for the picture will make it more magical but, be careful.

5. A Christmas Tree & A Gift

Girl With Christmas Gift


If you are done decorating your home and Christmas tree and perhaps have some gifts already under the tree, then posing with them in front of the Christmas tree is an amazing idea for your holiday photo. Put the lights on, a wrapped gift in your hands, a smile on your face, and bring the magic of Christmas to life.

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