7 Types of Bags You Need To Have In Your Wardrobe

Just as there are girls who cannot have too many pairs of shoes there are also those who cannot have too many bags. But there are bags that a girl just needs to have in her closet. Whether your style is more laid back or boho, elegant or glamorous there is a bag for everyone and bags that every girl needs to have in case an event pops up. For all of you who are obsessed with bags, this may not come as a surprise, and you probably already have these bags in your closet. But, in case you feel like there is just one missing, now is the time to check it out.

1. The Tote Bag

Red tote bag


So, a tote bag is something every girl needs because it is very practical. From everyday errands to traveling, a tote bag is your best friend when it comes to caring a lot of stuff with you. Also, if you go to school and work afterward, a tote is the bag to carry around. It fits so much stuff, from your laptop and books to makeup and snacks. So, whether you like this bag or not, you will get the most use of it than from other bags in your wardrobe.

2. The Shoulder Bag

Dior Shoulder Bag


The shoulder bag comes in all kinds of shapes in sizes. Sometimes this bag gets confused with the tote but, the shoulder bag is still a bit smaller and has only one strap. This is a bag that is becoming increasingly more and more popular as we can see major brands having their versions on the market. So, if you are on the hunt for a trendy piece that is somehow still practical, the shoulder bag is a great option.

3. The Top-Handle Bag

Top Handle Bag


A top handle bag is a piece that elegant ladies with a more formal sense of fashion like. This kind of bag always appears more ladylike and as a status symbol. Even more, ladies love wrapping their silk scarves around the handle or wearing them with the bag as an accessory. So, if you are more on the girly/ feminine side or want a bag fit for a lady then this is the kind you should go for. And even if you have your tomboy days this is a piece that will bring the feminine vibe to your overall outfit.

4. The Crossbody Bag

Crossbody Bag


So, if you need a bag that will allow you to have both of your hands, free then a crossbody is the ideal choice for you. Even though a crossbody is usually smaller to medium in size, this bag is extremely practical and versatile. If you have more of a boyish style it will fit you perfectly, but if you are girly it is also an amazing choice. Because, crossbody bags come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles they are a great choice for everyone. Also, many other bags can be transformed into a crossbody with just a strap added on. So, if you still have none it is time to get it.

5. The Clutch

Golden Clutch Bag


Whether you attend many formal and glamorous events or not, it is good to have a cluck in your wardrobe prepared for when an event pops up. It might not be today or tomorrow but when it happens you don’t want to lose your head searching for the right bag or show up with an inappropriate one. So, when you see a clutch that you like get it because an occasion will eventually pop up.

6. The Bucket Bag

White Bucket Bag


If you are more on the boho girl side then you most likely already have a bucket bag in your wardrobe. But, in case you don’t, there are reasons why you should get one. This is a more casual bag worn across your body and that fits surprisingly a lot of stuff. So, if you are on the search for an everyday and more casually looking bag, the bucket bag is the right choice.

7. The Backpack

Black Leather Backpack


A backpack is not according to everyone’s taste but, those who run a lot of errands and carry a lot of things with them just love carrying it around. So, if you are more laid back or sporty, feel young and hip, the backpack is a bag you can’t live without. Even if you dress more formally it is always good to have a backpack, just in case an unexpected trip or sporty occasion pops up.

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