8 Current Fashion Trends That Will Also Be Popular in 2021

This year has been unexpected for everyone, but more than anyone it has affected the fashion industry. With many brands going season-less and also using styles from previous seasons, we can predict that there isn’t going to be much of a change in the trends for 2021 as COVID-19 still remains the issue. But on the bright side, this means that the stuff that you bought this year gets an extra life as these trends will continue to be popular in 2021, so in a way, you are saving a lot of money here. Have a look at the list that we have created for you, of the trends that will also be popular in 2021:

Bucket Hats:

Fashion aesthetic girl in trendy summer accessories. Bucket hat. Street style. Urban. Vanilla Pastel colors


Bucket hats have been a statement accessory this year as we have seen many designers making them this year and even celebrities like Rihanna and Bella Hadid were spotted wearing these in 2020 instead of a baseball cap that most celebrities wear.

Modern-Day Tractor Boots

Black short boot on a yellow background. Patent leather shoes. Autumn women's lace-up shoe. Modern outdoor boots on tractor sole. Casual fashion concept.


This was a big hit in 2020 and will also continue to be seen in 2021 as it is really hard to spot a designer who has not created one of these for their label. From haute couture designers like Balenciaga to fast-fashion retailers like Zara, we have seen them taking inspiration from the traditional tractor boots and incorporating it into their brand’s aesthetic, hence creating these modern-day tractor boots. Wear these with a long dress, mini skirt, or under sweat pants to look like a fashion-forward woman.

Colorful Sweatpants

Girl in a white T-shirt and yellow neon sweatpants on a colored background S


When we think about sweatpants we think of them as something that falls in the loungewear category, but 2020 totally changed that thinking. As most of us were working from home and only going out occasionally for grocery shopping, unknowingly sweatpants became a big hit as their function is comfort, and more than anything in this crazy year we all need something that is comfortable! The twist here is that sweatpants will be in trend, no doubt but specifically the ones in bright candy colors like pastels or even neon colors.

Hoodie under Blazer

Classy and chic. Girl confident lady formal jacket hoodie and denim jeans. Gorgeous and stylish. Impeccable style. Pretty woman layered outfit. Spring fashion trend. Fashion outfit. Oversize jacket.


Another most popular trend after sweatpants is hoodies of course! But not just hoodies, but hoodies that are layered with a blazer. This is a very unpredictable trend as one could have never imagined daring to mix business wear with loungewear, but hey wasn’t 2020 also the most unpredictable year? No matter what kind of blazer you have, be it the nice tailored one or the boxy/oversized one, wear it over a hoodie and you can’t go wrong with this trend!

Boiler Suits/ Jumpsuits

girl in blue denim jumpsuit and wide-brimmed hat with small bag with sign "No"


This one-piece was seen everywhere this year from runways to your favorite stores because of its effortlessness. The reason why it is mass-produced is that it became a very popular style for many celebrities. The good thing is that this is something you can pair with anything, for example, it’s cold outside and you chose to layer it with a long coat, you will look no less than a model walking down the runway!

2005 It Bag!

Kaley Cuoco at The WB Network'S 2005 ALL STAR CELEBRATION, The Cabana Club, Los Angeles, CA, July 22, 2005


Remember this bag? Of course, how can we forget the most fashionable bag from the early 2000s? If you don’t remember it’s okay, this is a baguette bag as the name was coined by Fendi. If you are a fashion hoarder and still have this kept somewhere in your closet, well, then now it is the perfect time to take it out and wear it once again! If you don’t have one with you you can buy one for as cheap as $39 at Urban Outfitters

Puff Sleeves

Happy smiling woman wearing trendy wide brim straw hat, yellow vintage blouse, holding round wicker rotang bag, posing, walking in street near pink spring blossom trees.


This is a really cute trend and we love it as it looks fresh and fun and at the same time, it is professional! So when you have a zoom meeting and afterward have to run errands, putting on a puff-sleeved blouse that day is a perfect choice!


Charming woman in oversize coat with smile looks into distance. Model in orange beret posing against backdrop of city


Another major trend will be the plaid print Shackets, i.e. Shirt + Jacket = Shacket! This is a trend you can follow at any time of the year as the good thing about a shacket is that it is slightly heavier than a plaid shirt but also it is not as bulky as a plaid wood coat, so it is a balance. We recommend you to style these with high necks, mock necks, and turtlenecks.

Tiger Print Clothing and Accessories

abstract feathered tiger skin


Last year the snake print was a big hit and a year before that cheetah print was seen everywhere, but this year’s tiger print trend is here to stay till 2021! If you want to shop for this trend, we have selected a few of them for you from Macy’s, Nordstrom, and The Outnet, and Amazon!






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