Top 5 Makeup Trends Prediction for 2021

As it is almost the end of 2020, we realized you must be wondering what makeup trends will be seen in 2021 – so we made a list of them for you, have a look at it below:

Makeup that Multitasks like YOU!

Asian beautiful businesswoman work from home live video camera recording interaction makeup tutorial using computer laptop vlogging selling products, internet social media influencer in living room


It’s high time that we have been spending money on beauty products that give us only one function in the exchange of price so beauty brands have finally started launching products that have multiple functions. Recently we saw Rare Beauty coming out with products that can be applied anywhere on the face, their lip shades can be used as a blush and eyeshades. Since then more companies are launching lip crayons that can be used for multiple purposes. Now more than ever,  women are working from home so it is essential to have a multipurpose beauty product for getting ready quickly to attend an urgent ZOOM meeting for work.

Glowing Skin Tints

Beauty photo of two natural young african american girls. One girl with afro hairstyle.


Due to the pandemic, mask-wearing has been mandated almost everywhere now, so many women have stopped wearing foundations. Instead, they spend heavily on skincare, brands have realized this consumer shopping behavior and therefore next year they will be heavily launching naturally skin glowing products. It is most importantly a cause of the “maskne” effect, yes many women experienced having acne all over their face ever since they started wearing masks regularly. This motivated beauty brands in launching more product offerings to help prevent this.

Bright Eye-catching Eyeliners

Beautiful macro close-up of female Eye with bright yellow Eyeliner Makeup. Neon Disco make-up and Fashion Manicure. Summer beauty styleCloseup macro shot of fashion liner eyes visage


Sadly, because the mask covers 60% of your face, there’s not more you can think of doing to standout. But as seen in 2021 fashion shows, a makeup trend that heavily dominated the runways was the bright/bold eyeliner trend. Black eyeliners are fine but if you really want to stand out you have to dare to be different and try a bright eyeliner soon!

Embellishments / Stone Stickers

Beauty fashion Woman face decorated with gem stones, crystals. Closeup Portrait with Hydrangea. Model girl with holiday Glamour shiny professional make up with gems, jewellery, jewelry, accessories


This trend may not seem normal but it was also seen a lot during the 2021 runway shows. Fake gemstones easily enhance your overall look, so if you really want to test out this trend but are not comfortable, we recommend using clear sticker gemstones as no matter what look you are going for, you will definitely not go wrong with this!

Fine or Light Mascaras

Young woman applying mascara looking at mirror


Just like for face most women now are focusing on skincare and natural beauty over layers of foundations, we have predicted that more women will be wearing natural and clean mascaras rather than the previously loved volume mascaras. If you think about it, logically this trend is a balance with the bright eyeliner trend that we mentioned above as you have both bulky/ voluminous mascara and bright eyeshadows will look too much, so it is best to go simple and natural on the eyelashes.



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