6 Helpful Tips To Apply Eye Makeup Confidently

Most of us are blessed with steady hands so we don’t realize how difficult it must be for people with disabilities to apply their makeup with shaky hands/hand tremors. If you suffer from any neurological conditions or taking some medications to treat anxiety, which leads to you having shaky hands, we understand it is not fair, as you don’t have it easy as the rest of us. This is why this post is especially for giving 6 helpful tips to people who wish to apply eye makeup confidently even if they have shaky hands.

#1 Fix Your Makeup Area

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The very first thing you want to consider working on is your makeup area. Why? because it is very important that you are comfortable while doing your makeup. Make sure that you have a set that is close to your mirror so you don’t have to bend a lot as that creates additional pressure on your back and arms. When you organize everything properly, there will be less clutter and it will help keep you stress-free.

#2 Buy Your Products Wisely

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Whenever you are buying eye makeup, be mindful that your hands are shaky so lightweight palettes won’t be helpful as they can easily drop and create a mess, and get you frustrated. Instead, chose products that are bigger so they have a good grip and also make sure that the product is easy to open and doesn’t require too much effort. We recommend Urban Decays’s series of Naked Eye Shadow Palettes, as these are heavy with good grip and are also easy to open. A good eyeliner would be Fenty Beauty’s Flyliner Liquid Eyeliner.    Some good mascaras with good grip would be Guide Beauty’s Lash Wrap Mascara and BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara.

#3 Make Your Makeup Grip-friendly

Let’s say you already have a lot of makeup and now you want to buy products that come with a grip. Here is something you can do by yourself to make your products grip-friendly, use a stick-on ring, the ones that we all normally use for our phone to have grip so it doesn’t fall off our hands. Once you do this, it will be easy for you to hold your eyeshadow palettes.

#4 Change Your Makeup Order To Save Time

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If you think about it, eye makeup is the part that takes the most time out of all makeup steps. So we recommend that you do it before you do anything so you have enough time to do the remaining steps afterward and won’t have to rush last minute. After you do your eye makeup, you can even it out by using a moisturizer as it acts as a makeup remover too and clears out the excess mess around your face.

#5 Plan In Advance

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Think what look you want to go for a day before, so you can keep everything you need the next day ready a night before.  If you are planning to try a new look for the first time, we recommend that you practice it beforehand so when you have to do it on the right day, you will be able to do it faster as by then you would have practiced it a couple of times already.

#6 When Something Goes Wrong Take A Deep Breath!

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It is important to understand that life happens, many times you won’t get something right within the first few tries, but know that practice makes you perfect. Remember to take a deep breath whenever a mess occurs during the process, and don’t ever lose the hope to keep trying, it’s okay, YOU GOT THIS!


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