Excellent Holiday Gift Ideas for Food Lovers 2020

This year, the pandemic seemed to put everyone’s lives on hold. Whether that’s being out of a job or having to stay home instead of going to school, COVID-19 has affected everyone. With the new-found loads of free time a lot of us now have, there’s been such an uptick in people picking up new hobbies such as running, yoga, and even cooking! I have compiled a list of new kitchen gadgets, apparel and even some online cooking classes for your friends and family new found hobby!

Online Cooking Classes

Large companies such as Masterclass have added dozens of new classes to their roster this year. With cooking classes and tutorials from the likes of renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsey, Thomas Keller, Wolfgang Puck, and even Ron Finley! While there are hundreds of free classes offered through the website, a premium membership ($180 annually) offers dozens of exclusive classes.


Other classes have shifted to an online platform for instance Kitchn Cooking School. While this 20-day course that traces knife skills, how to cook the perfect piece of meat, and even how to up your salad game is available for free, there are so many tools you can buy them make the class more fun and easier!


One of the most well-known cooking school’s, Americas Test Kitchen offers classes for a flat rate of $79.95 which entitles you to one on one professional support from chefs, six issues of the Cook magazine, all access to cooking classes and every recipe and review on the website! With classes from Sauces 101 to How to Feed a Crowd, there’s definitely a class for everyone.

Cooking Accessories

If you’re not sold on the cooking classes, you may like these cooking accessories. These are also ideal for a lower budget and would still wow any blossoming or expert chef. Places like Etsy are a great place to find personalized gifts such as aprons, spoons, cutting boards, bottle openers, and kitchen signs. They also have things like spice or salt sampling baskets with sample size items to try! This is a fantastic ‘Baliin on a Budget’ kind of gift!

Kitchen Tech/Gadgets

A majority of younger adults and even teenagers are all about the newest high tech things such as phones, gaming systems, and cars. Young chefs are no exception! Get them one of these high tech items to up their kitchen game!

Things like air fryers, mini waffle makers, and a Darth Vader toaster are great gift ideas for college students, and things such as a pasta maker, meat tenderizer, and pizza roaster are great gifts for recent grads or family members. Places like Target, Amazon, and Bed Bath and Beyond are great places to find these items at an affordable price!


Kitchen Gear Gift Cards

If the person you’re shopping for is extremely picky, I would recommend going for a gift card to somewhere like William Sonoma, Macy’s, or somewhere in the city such as Whisk, Lancelotti, or Korin! This way, they can choose what to buy depending on what they need/want for their next cooking adventure.


Restaurant Gift Cards

If you’re STILL not sure what to get your favorite food lover for the holidays, maybe consider getting a gift card to a new restaurant (COVID safe of course!). A few of my favorites in the city are Clement, New Malaysia, Distilled, and Elephant & Castle.

Whether you get them a personalized apron or a gift card to a new restaurant, what’s important more than ever is spending time with those we love whether through zoom or a socially distanced gathering! As cheesy as it sounds, it really is the thought that counts.


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