Great Gift Ideas for Fashion Lovers 2020

Shopping for family and friends is hard enough without the millions of new things that seem to appear every year. Every year there seem to be more and more things to choose from. The following is a list compiled of every gift a fashion lover could want!

Gift Cards

Starting off relatively basic, gift cards to any clothing store is always a safe bet. Some trending stores right now are Zara, Princess Polly, Verge Girl, and Aritzia. If you’re unfamiliar with those stores, classic stores such as Target, Amazon, H&M, Macy’s, and American Eagle are all great options! Depending on the person you’re buying for, you could buy gift cards from different places. For example, if the person you’re buying for seems to love new trends and styles, I would recommend Princess Polly or Zara, and if they tend to like tamer styles go with Target or H&M!


While more and more magazines are offering online versions of their print magazines, there still is no feeling like reading a new magazine. A magazine subscription to somewhere like Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, or Glamour is a great place to start. Any fashion magazine subscription is a fantastic idea!


I personally am not the biggest reader but fashion is the one thing I could really enjoy reading and could read for a while. My favorite fashion-related book would be ‘The Little Dictionary of Fashion’ by Christian Dior. It’s a mildly easy read with great illustrations. Another personal favorite would be ‘Worn in New York: 68 Sartorial Memoirs of the City’. You can find these books and loads more on Amazon or at your local Barnes and Noble for a great price!


As an avid fashion lover myself, there is no better feeling than getting a cute pair of sweats or PJs. It can be really hard to find clothes that are fashionable and comfortable. Victoria’s Secret, Amazon, Aerie, and American Eagle are known to have the comfiest and trendiest loungewear around. Target also has a great collection of PJ sets and comfy clothes!


While jewelry can be tricky to shop for, however, it’s a great idea for any fashion lover. Things like necklaces, bracelets, and rings really help elevate an outfit. Places like Target, Etsy, Old Navy, and Amazon are great places to find some cute jewelry.

Hopefully, you found these ideas helpful or have given you another idea for a gift!


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