12 Obscure But Very Interesting Facts

Humans are incredibly intelligent organisms, and the world we have created is so advanced that no person can know everything about it. Some of the following listed facts are about the human body, while others are about celebrities, animals, and the universe.


1. Standing burns a lot of calories. When you stand (even if you’re doing nothing), you can burn between 100 and 200 calories per hour. The amount you burn depends on your sex, age, height, and weight. You could burn anywhere from 120 to 210 more calories just by swapping three hours of sitting for standing. (healthline.com)

2. Elvis Presley’s famous black hair was actually dyed. Although he was a natural blonde, he colored his hair black for an edgier look. Sometimes, he would use shoe polish to touch it up himself. (thefactsite.com)

 3. Sliced bread was first manufactured and sold for commercial use in 1928. The first automatic bread-slicing machine was created by Otto Rohwedder and was utilized by the Chillicothe Baking Company in Chillicothe, Missouri. This means that both Betty White and Mel Brooks are older than sliced bread! (parade.com)

4. Bees may sting other bees if they are intruding their hive. “Guard bees” protect the hive by staying near the entrance. They sniff incoming bees, and if they sense a rogue bee from another hive trying to steal some nectar, the “guard bee” will bite and even sting the trespasser. (bestlifeonline.com)

5. There is a town in Nebraska called Monowi, which has a population of one. The resident is 86-year-old Elsie Eiler. She is the town’s mayor, bartender, librarian, treasurer, secretary, tavern owner, and default mediator. (thefactsite.com)

6. The Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle is one of the rarest species on Earth. There are possibly only three of these turtles left. Two of them reside in Vietnamese lakes and a male lives in a zoo in China. A fourth Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle, a female, died in April 2019 when animal conservationists struggled to artificially inseminate her with the turtle in China. Despite this, there could be more undetected Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtles in the wild. (news.mongabay.com)

7. German Shepherd is not actually the dog breed’s full name. The American Kennel Club and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (World Canine Organization in English) recognize that the breed’s English language name is German Shepherd Dog. (akc.org)

8. It is true that showering sparks creativity. This is because warm showers release dopamine, as well as relax and distract us. A 2012 study published in the journal Psychological Science found that participants are better at solving creative problems during periods of rest. (bestlifeonline.com)

9. The language that has the most speakers is English, while Mandarin Chinese is the most popular native language. Approximately 400 million people speak English as their first language, compared to the roughly 1.5 billion people who use it as their second language. That means that about four times more people speak English as a second language than as a native one. (goodhousekeeping.com)

10. Mickey Mouse wears white gloves because black and white TV made it harder to see his fingers and hands in relation to the rest of his body. “We didn’t want him to have mouse hands because he was supposed to be more human,” Walt Disney explained in 1957. “So we gave him gloves. Five fingers looked like too much on such a little figure, so we took one away. That was just one less finger to animate.” (mirror.co.uk)

11. The wrinkles that occur on our hands and feet after taking a shower are not because of the water passing into our skin. This involuntary reaction occurs so that the skin can easily grip smooth and wet surfaces. Your body understands that the environment might be slippery, and this phenomenon does not occur to people who have nerve damage in their fingers. (brightside.me) (scientificamerican.com)

12. Babies have taste buds on their tongues, palates, tonsils, cheeks, and all over their mouths. They have approximately 10,000 tastebuds, but the ones that are not on the tongue vanish with age. (bestlifeonline.com)