3 Easy Mix & Match Outfit Ideas For The Holiday In Quarantine

It’s December 2020, and quarantine is still a thing. Remember when this was only supposed to be a couple of months?

Anyway, we’re still in lockdown, and it’s getting cold out. However, it’s also the holiday season, which usually make people want to dress up. However, staying inside makes us want to dress in sweats and the same shirt we’ve been wearing for three days. And we have to keep warm, because we have an electric bill to pay.

So, naturally, we need to find a balance of the styles. Here are some winter holiday quarantine fashion tips for you to mix and match.

T-Shirts & Baggy Dress Pants

T-shirt trousers


T-shirts pair really well with a fancier skirt or over a dress. But they also pair well with dress pants, especially the baggier ones, high-waisted ones, or the ones that are more like trousers. Add a belt, and hoist them high up, and you have a comfortable, stylish outfit.

Dresses & Leggings/Tight Yoga Pants

dress leggings


Wearing leggings with a dress is pretty common, but you can also do the same with yoga pants. Black or ┬ádark grey, tight yoga pants are great to wear under a dress. It’s also a lot more comfortable to wear. You can wear a dress, and still lie on the couch. It’s possible.

Slouchy Sweatshirt or Jacket & Anything

Slouchy jacket


A slouchy sweatshirt or jacket is surprisingly versatile and sophisticated. It can go over anything, and it’s super comfortable. It can also be used as a cover-up, in case you have a last minute Zoom meeting and don’t want to change your shirt.

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