6 Unexpected Exercises You Can Do In Your Home During The Winter Quarantine

Exercising weekly is difficult enough. Exercising in your home is also difficult, because it’s easy to forget to work out, and you might not have all the necessary equipment. Exercising weekly during the winter is even more difficult, because you might have to go to the gym in workout clothes, which means you have to brave the cold in yoga pants. Exercising during the winter, and during quarantine, is damn near impossible, because most of the gyms are closed, and you are too lazy to work out.

However, working out in your homes and in quarantine is possible. In fact, some things you could be doing in your home can totally count as exercises.

Going Up & Down The Stairs

At gyms, there’s a stair-climbing machine. In your homes, there are stairs. Problem solved. All you have to do is make sure you take a few trips up and down the stairs every day. You can walk quickly, or carry a few objects with you, for a variation of exercises.


Wall sits, while uncomfortable, are an effective exercise. They are also easier to do in your own home, since there’s more wall space, and it’s less embarrassing.


Dips are another somewhat embarrassing exercise to do in public. They’re also easier to do at home, since there’s more furniture, as you can see in this picture.

Standing Oblique Crunches

Obliques are difficult to exercise. One of the best oblique exercises is to do standing oblique crunches. You do these by swinging your leg to the side and crunching towards your leg. These are easier to do in your home, because there’s less of a risk of accidentally hitting someone, and you don’t need that much room.


If you can’t use a stationary bike, or ride a bike, you might as well do bicycles. Bicycles are like quick crunches, where you put your elbow to the opposite leg, then switch. They are a great ab and leg exercise to do, they don’t take all that long, and you don’t have to do a ton to feel the impact.

Leg Drops

Leg drops are great for working your lower abs, whether you are doing single or double. They are also easier to do at home, since you have more room and privacy.