Coming 2 America Is Happening: Must-See Details

We are finally getting the sequel to Coming to America and to be able to watch on March 5, 2021, with the streaming service of Amazon Prime. And with new cast members becoming a part of the Zamundaian family the sequel is already looking promising. Well, it should, after waiting for more than 32 years of this film becoming a reality.

And now it is time to introduce the new members starting with Leslie Jones.

Zamunda Here She Comes

If you don’t recognize her then here is the low down on her. She is an American comedian and actress who was a cast member of Saturday Night Live and a writer for the show.

According to EW, the new film is directed by Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow), in which Jones stars opposite fellow SNL alum Murphy as Mary, the mother of the son Prince Akeem (Murphy) never knew he had.

Also, Jones said “It was absolutely awesome to work on Coming 2 America,” Jones tells EW. “To be involved in such an important celebration of Black culture and Black excellence with one of the greatest ensemble casts of all-time was an honor,” she continues.

I mean in this still frame you can tell she was having fun on set at all times. But who else is a newcomer to the Coming 2 America family?

A New Family Has Arrived

Tracy Morgan and Wesley Snipes have entered to take over the throne or hustle the country out of some money? Either way with Tracy Morgan on the film, we are for sure going to have some laughs from this comedian.  But Morgan here is only wanting some money and not wanting to be a leader of an entire country. A hustler is going to see every opportunity to gain wealth.

Next, we have Kiki Layne who will be playing as Eddie Murphy’s daughter and potentially have the opportunity to become the Queen of Zamunda. Honestly, let’s hope this movie throw out those traditional rules that it always has to be a male to lead a country.

In the bottom left corner, we have Teyona Taylor accompanying Wesley Snipes. Can we say partner in crime or a dangerous love affair?

And the last photo is with Lavelle, played by Comedian Jermaine Fowler which is also the son to Leslie Jones that plays Mary.

So, Eddie Murphy or should I say, Prince Akeem? What happen and how did you not know that you got an American woman pregnant?

And Mr Snipes is playing as General Izzi who wants to reunite his country and Zamunda, but of course, he has to play the misunderstood bad guy according to Slash Film.

And to wrap up the new members we have rapper Rick Ross and comedian Michael Blackson. No one knows of their roles as of right now. As well as the return of John Amos as Cleo McDowell, Shari Headley as Prince Akeem’s princess Lisa McDowell, and Louie Anderson as McDowell’s employee Maurice.

The first poster and trailer for Coming 2 America will arrive next week.

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