How to Find a Good Girl and Live With Her Happily Ever After

“You should find yourself a good one,” says the female half of the family. But what is she like, a good girl? Yes, the criterion of goodness is different for everyone: one will close his eyes to something, the other will feel a nervous tremor about it. So relying on someone else’s taste in this matter is irrelevant. Therefore, the first thing to do is determine for yourself which girl you need. So, pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Bad Habits

A good girl doesn’t have any bad habits. Probably. And you probably won’t find such a good Slavic woman at all. And it’s not about cigarettes, alcohol, and other things, but about what is specifically not acceptable for you. Simple at first glance things can be annoying: the ubiquitous jars of creams, a spoon in a glass, etc. If you think that this is nonsense, the main thing is love, and the rest will come — you are wrong. According to statistics, 30% of couples broke up on this ground.

2. Intelligence

What girl do you need: a smart, almost genius in a skirt or a cute silly one who is ready to laugh at all your jokes, even if they are not funny, even if she didn’t understand them at all? Naturally, these are extremes. But sometimes, we all would like to have a heart-to-heart talk and not rack our brains about what theory she is talking about or listen to another delusional nonsense.

3. Temper

Sanguine, choleric, and other types divide people into very active, not too fast, but rather sedate, pessimistically depressed, or optimists to the core ones. Phlegmatic people don’t keep up with choleric ones, the hopelessness of melancholics strikes sanguine ones. Psychologists admit that everything is very conditional, but there is something in it.

4. Appearance

Beauty requires sacrifice. Of course, you will suffer once a week the transformation of your beloved one into something with a green mess on the face (for some reason, many masks have an ugly color, and green among them is the most pleasant) and wondrous things instead of hair. These are not all the tricks that every girl does to stay beautiful. There are a lot of jars, devices, and if you put your shaving foam and shampoo against her care products, alas, the outcome is predetermined.

5. Clothing Style

Every girl likes to dress up. The way she dresses up will help you clarify a lot of things about her. After all, choosing their clothes, everyone expresses their inner world: for someone, it’s a statement, for others — it’s a challenge.

6. Speech

Poor vocabulary and hardly selected sentences immediately indicate a non-reading person. Whether it is bad or not is up to you. In any case, with such a person, sincere conversations under the moon will not work. At all times, being well-read was considered a sign of culture.

7. A Reaction in an Emergency

An emergency situation forces people to reveal themselves completely from the other side. If you want to see your chosen one in all her glory, arrange mini stress.

We hope, the above tips will help you define if a girl you have recently met really matches you. Good luck!

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