The Best Places to Meet for a First Date in 2021

Finding the perfect place for a first date has long been considered as one of the key aspects of making this meeting a success. While there are plenty of different types of ways of ensuring a smooth start to your dating experience, the following are some of the recommended places for 2021.


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An App for a Smooth, Safe Start to the Relationship

The idea of using a dating app to find potential partners has been growing in recent years, with the number of users in the US estimated at over 32 million in 2020. This means that it is becoming gradually easier to find more dating options, as more and more people sign up to this sort of service.

The Bumble site points out that dating during Covid means taking a different approach from what we were used to before. They include a variety of dating tools on their app that make it easier to meet new people online and then stay safe while getting to know them. The advice includes finding out early on how seriously the person is taking the latest health precautions you need to comply with.

Apps like this let us choose someone that we think matches our personality and start talking to them in a safe environment. Starting up a conversation online is easier than it is in real-life, especially when it allows you some extra time to think of a subject and to then say exactly what you want to say.

Zoom Dating to Carry on Gathering Pace

It seems certain that the trend for Zoom dates will continue in 2021, as more people discover this way of hooking up with others to get to know them. In research carried out for the Science of Kissing book, it was pointed out that an online spark is based on the same sort of response produced by dating in person meaning that the good feeling should remain after the call is over.

The fact that this approach lets us search further afield is also good news. Rather than being restricted to dating people who live near us, we can now look for that all-important feeling of finding the right person anywhere in the world. Distance is no longer a restriction when it comes to looking for love and getting to know them better.

Xenophilia is the name given to an attraction to foreign lands, culture and people, with this phenomenon possibly helping to explain why we are often drawn to possible partners from different places. Carrying out dates by Zoom makes it a lot easier to broaden your horizons, although it is also easier to have a date with someone who lives near you but that you aren’t ready yet to meet in person.

Source: Pxhere

Open-Air Venues Like Parks

What if you find someone who looks like they could be the perfect match and want to meet up in a suitable location? There are a lot of factors to take into account, meaning that an open-air venue like a park could be ideal. This is somewhere you can feel relaxed and enjoy each other’s company as well as some fresh air and exercise.

A park will also tend to have a few distractions, meaning that there should be fewer awkward silences to worry about. You can chat about the sights, the people you see and anything else that catches your eye.

There are all great ways of getting a new relationship off to an interesting start with as little stress as possible. If you are hoping to find a new partner in 2021, these approaches to the first date could be just what you need.  

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