Unconventional Items & Advice For A Time Capsule

Time capsules are a widespread tradition among families and friends. They capture and store the essence of your life for multiple years, decades, or centuries. When the time arrives, the capsule is opened, providing a glimpse into the past. If you are considering creating a time capsule, here is some advice, along with ideas of belongings to incorporate. As an alternative, collaborate with your university and create a time capsule to be unlocked by future administration and students.


Think It Through: Every piece of a time capsule should have a purpose. If it’s not significant now, it will only matter less in the future. Try adding pictures and memorabilia that incorporate your loved ones. A time capsule tells a story, revolves around your current life, and showcases your vital relationships.

Know When The Time Capsule Will Be Opened: Five years? Ten years? More? Consider the age you will be when you open the capsule. What stage of your life will you be in? The amount of time the capsule is closed should affect what goes inside of it. For example, a young mother might not find her breast pump timely a decade later.

Avoid Putting in Things You’ll Need Now: You’ll probably want to wear your favorite shoes again, so avoid adding them to your time capsule. As stated before, think through your choices. Remember, the shoes may not fit when you relocate them in a few years. Instead, add your old shoes that are too worn out to donate.

Don’t Add Things That Are Too Sentimental: Your t-shirt signed by Ed Sheeran is too precious to sacrifice temporary. There’s a possibility that the time capsule can get destroyed, dirty, or lost. What if you forgot where you hid it?

Find Things That Are Important Now, But You Might Forget Existed In The Future: In five or ten years, you could forget that your favorite song ever existed. The same goes for a fantastic concert or the photos of your cousin’s birthday party. Reliving these events years later will be a burst of nostalgia.

Add Personal Souvenirs: Don’t hesitate to include your religious, political, social, or professional aspirations. You can also add merchandise from your favorite sports team, travel destination, or movie franchise. Keep it minimal—socks, bumper sticker, Christmas ornament, cross, stickers, etc.

Time Capsule


Unconventional Possessions For A Time Capsule

Pet Fur: Place their hair in a ziplock bag and write your pet’s name and the date with a sharpie. Animal fur is a timeless keepsake and will give you a piece of your loved one, who may not be here when you open the time capsule.

Tape Recorder: Credit goes the This Is Us for this idea. Record yourself (or others) talking about your day, your life, or anything. You can also tape a conversation. Please gain approval before you record someone’s voice.

Covid-19 Mask: If you want your time capsule to say “2020,” include a mask. For the theme “current life,” you can add a roll of toilet paper, a blank PPP loan document, or proof that you voted in the presidential election.

Letter To My Future Self: Although it is cliché, a letter to your future self is ideal for a time capsule. Consider how long the capsule will be closed and how old you will be when it is reopened. Furthermore, have your family members, classmates, or friends write letters.

Letter To Someone Else: The thought is morbid, but what if the time capsule lives longer than you? Nevertheless, the recipient will cherish your sacred letter. It can act as a guideway if you lose touch with them between now and then.

Journal Entry: While this is similar to a letter to your future self, a journal entry reflects your current life. It can be an all-around description of your academic, professional, or family life, or it can include specific details of a recent event.

Art Projects: Remember those art projects you did in Elementary school? You never had a place to store them, yet they were too treasured to throw out. Despite the age of your art projects, a time capsule is their home.

Old Electronics: Technology has progressed exponentially during the last few decades, and the pattern is predicted to continue. Saving antique electronics allows for comparison with future technology.

Bucket List: It may be wise to keep a second copy in case you are committed to your bucket list. If you fail to complete your checklist, it can inspire you to accomplish your initial goals.

Magazine/Newspaper: It would be great to read current news and celebrity gossip in the future. Not to mention, it is more priceless with a physical replica.

Photos: There is something special about physical pictures. As time passes, this tradition will lose popularity. Include printed photographs of your house, an event, or a long-lost relative in your time capsule.

Puzzle Piece: Credit for this idea goes to This Is Us, specifically season 4, episode 14. Otherwise, you can add a book page, a single sock, a card from a deck, or a board game piece.



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