Why is Dance Music So Prolific in Entertainment?

Dance music is not for everyone. In fact, many people will say that they never listen to this genre of music. However, this day and age it is not possible never to listen to dance music. People who like rock, indie or hip-hop music might not appreciate the catchy tones of dance music but it is heavily used in entertainment because it is stimulating and in advertising because it is so catchy.

According to Statista, in Poland, pop music – and within this category dance – is the most popular music genre by far. The uniquely Polish dance genre, the so-called disco polo has been also showing a dramatic comeback in recent years. These electronic songs with simple lyrics are now among the most popular Polish songs on YouTube. 

Dance music in iGaming

If you ever played a video game or a video slot you must have come across some really catchy tunes that stay in your head for long after you stopped playing. We discussed the reason why dance music is so prolific in entertainment with iGaming expert Jacek Michałski. Jacek lives and works in Poland and you can find out more about him here

Dance music in casino background music is used particularly a lot when it comes to video slots. Typically, the songs used have elevated beats per minute to create a fast-paced atmosphere. This makes the player think and act faster. The accompanying music can also create tension which creates a more immersive experience. 

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For different themed slot games, different music is played which helps to create a great atmosphere and transports the player into the reality of the game. Some slot games use other types of music that are designed specifically for music fans. There are slot games featuring the tunes of music legends such as Jimi Hendrix or Guns N’Roses and you will also find karaoke themed games that feature popular karaoke songs, however, for the majority of the games, dance music is the winner. 

Dance music, as the name suggests, was created for dancing. This dictates simple lyrics, a strong emphasis on beats, grooves and rhythms and an uptempo, danceable character. These characteristics ensure that the music doesn’t interfere with the gaming experience, unlike a complicated rock song would. Dance music can blend into the background and still elevate the players’ heart rate

The background music of video games

Video games that require a console to play also use background music. Usually, video games are fast-paced, especially when it comes to racing games, and the beats of the song encourage and reward the players further. Often when reaching higher levels, the rhythm of the music speeds up, raising the tension.

Action movies and videos

If you ever shot a Go-Pro video you must have searched for background music as well. Not surprisingly all these music files will be of dance music. This will make your mountain bike ride or surfing video even more interesting and exciting. 

Action movies and series all use dance songs to set the pace of the movie and keep the level of excitement at the maximum. 

Famous casino songs

Musicians sometimes create songs particularly for movies or series to gain recognition. Others will create songs using lyrics that relate to casinos, winning or having fun gambling. Some of the most well-known gambling songs are:

  • Katy Perry – Waking up in Vegas
  • Lady Gaga – Poker Face
  • Van Morrison – Ragland Road
  • Sting – Shape of my Heart
  • Leonard Cohen – The Stranger Song
  • Bob Dylan – Huck’s Tune
  • Wishbone Ash – Diamond Jack
  • Tom Waits – On the Nickel


Observing the characteristics of the tunes, it is not hard to understand why music from casino games often fall into the dance genre. They are catchy, they are fast and they are encouraging. So, make sure you have the volume up next time you are playing your favourite slot game!

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