5 New Financial Apps in South Africa

Looking for finance management apps that will help you save and invest money smartly? There are solutions for every taste and use case. From free and plain applications to the most functional and state-of-the-art solutions, choose the one that works best for you.

Do You Need a Financial App?

Money loves control. The more you control your budget and expenses, the more money you have. If you have no idea how much money is in your wallet, how it is spent, and why you always find yourself with empty pockets, then you will hardly gain financial independence one day. To fix this, you need to keep track of your expenses and regularly use a financial app.

Planned budget, expense analysis, and cost optimization is the first step to your financial well-being. Such an approach will help you realistically assess your capabilities and invest for the future. When you see visual statistics of spending for a month, you can find unobvious imbalances in your expense rates. On top of that, the very fact that you need to record every purchase makes spending money more meaningful. 

How to Make It Work for You?

Basic rules for getting started with personal finance apps:

  • Use the desktop or web version – far from all financial apps perform at max on mobile devices, so give preference to applications that have a high-quality version for a PC and export to CSV. Even if you don’t need it right now, it may come in handy later.
  • Add all your expenses immediately or at least at the end of the day – to simplify your life, use the functions of a check scanner or reading bank SMS.
  • Take baby steps – start spending with your main bank cards and cash. You should not immediately create millions of accounts in the system for each e-wallet and investment asset or put ten tags for each of your purchases.
  • Remember about security – on the one hand, keeping information about all your expenses and assets in one place is quite sensitive, so it would be good to protect it with a password from third parties.
  • Make the most of your free trial periods – compare different apps, figure out which one works best for you.

In this post, we have made a selection of the top 5 best financial apps that will not only help you keep your money under strict control but will also let you increase your profit rate.

#1 – Metatrader 4

Although the MetaTrader 4 app is not designed for elementary cost management, it is a good solution to raise your bank and make money online. The app comes with a pack of handy features and allows you to participate in Forex trading with max profits. No matter if you are a trader from South Africa or reside in Vietnam and have an account on Forextime, the app will work for you.

#2 – CoinKeeper

When you talk about personal finance apps, you think about CoinKeeper. It is one of the simplest and most popular financial apps that was originally designed to work on a smartphone and check coin transactions as if you were playing a cost accounting game. Nowadays, CoinKeeper is no longer just an expense tracker with animation of coins: the developers have made it with many different functions, including setting financial goals, planning a budget for various periods, and dealing with debts. The solution comes with a full set of traditional features, such as advanced analytics, multicurrency handling, cloud sync, export to CSV, password protection, and more.

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#3 – YNAB (You Need a Budget)

YNAB is one of the best and most powerful personal finance and budget planning software. It is, first of all, an original methodology that teaches how to make competent financial decisions, effectively manage your money, as well as prioritize, think ahead, and save without losing the quality of life. And most importantly, it really works. The software is quite powerful. It can be connected to the accounts of all banks, while the mobile version allows you to quickly enter all costs and transfers on the go.

#4 – Monefy

For those who want to control their family budget easily and fast, the free Monefy app works well. The solution has a modern and well-thought-out interface with nice-looking icons and a good starting set of functions. Expenses are clearly categorized and subcategorized. All the tools are available to track loans and other payments on a daily or monthly basis. There are visual widgets allowing you to quickly mark costs and profits.

#5 – Handy Money

Handy Money will provide you with ample opportunities to control and optimize your own spending. Here you can quickly add and track purchases, record transfers and exchange operations, create templates for recurring payments, track your and other people’s debts, and plan your budget. Like any good finance application, Handy Money can be configured to intercept information directly from SMS and PUSH notifications from your banks.

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