5 Tips & Tricks On How To Dress For Your Type Of Body

Have you ever wondered why some pieces look better on someone else? Were you ever pleasantly surprised by the way a piece looks on you or shocked by another piece not looking as good on you as expected? Well, not every piece of clothing suits every body type. Some pieces look better on certain shapes of bodies than on others and vice versa. By now you might already know what looks good on you but, in case you are still struggling it is time to find out which body type is yours and how to show off your assets.

1. The Hourglass Body Type

The hourglass shape is determined by a smaller waist and wider shoulders and hips than the width of the waist. This is one of the most feminine body types and the best way to style it is by focusing on showing off the silhouette. Hourglasses should wear everything figure-hugging that shows off the smaller waist from pencil skirts to wrap dresses.

2. The Apple Shaped Body Type

The applied shaped body usually is common among older woman. This body type is defined by a wider waist area and a stomach so, those with this body type should avoid making that area look even bulkier or wearing form-fitting clothing. The best option for this body shape is to opt for A-line dresses, skirts, and pieces that fall from the arms down.

3. The Pear Shaped Body Type

Similar to the hourglass the pear-shaped body type has a smaller waist than the shoulders and hips but the hips are the widest part of the body. So, those who have this kind of body should focus on balancing out proportions and draw attention to the upper parts of the body. Wearing lighter colored tops, prints, and Bardot necklines, while darker colored bottoms, will draw the attention away from the wider hips and create a balance.

4. The Rectangle Body Type

The rectangle is characterized by a straight-line body. The hips waist and shoulders are equally wide so there are no curves to show off. The best way to dress this body type is by opting for clothing that is structured to create a shape and add volume to the waist down, for example, peplum jackets, tops, and skirts will make this body type look more like an hourglass.

5. The Inverted Triangle Body Type

The inverted triangle body is characterized by wider shoulders and a more narrow waist and hips. So, the best way to dress this body type is by opting for pieces that will draw the attention from the shoulders. Palazzo trousers and lighter colored bottoms, as well as print bottoms, will draw the attention down. In addition to that tops that emphasize shoulders, even more, shoulder pads, and puffy shoulder-tops should be avoided.