The Best Video Game Franchises Inspired by Popular Movies

Video games and movies have a long history of cashing in on the success of each other by basing new ideas on characters and storylines already popularised by the other media. There have been many absorbing computer games created over the years that have been inspired by some of the film industry’s greatest successes, allowing fans to engage with favourite characters once more and discover more about their favourite fantasy universes.

When a video game version of a film comes out, it allows those that have loved the film to truly immerse themselves in the fictional world, becoming one with the protagonists and exploring how it feels to live the story that has already captured their imagination. Movie- tie-ins with video games help sell copies, but they also help players live out their dreams by interacting with popular on-screen heroes and becoming one with the story.

There have been hundreds of games developed over the years inspired by or directly imitating film scripts and characters. Games offer a more immersive experience than films as players are directly involved in the outcomes, rather than being passive watchers. Many gamers are drawn to titles that come from films or top television programmes that they have already known and loved. Movie-based slots can help make even variations with the simplest gameplay more fun and engaging for players.

Slots are one of the most popular types of online games today, with millions of people signing up to accounts so they can play online slots for real money each year. The popularity of the genre means there are hundreds of thousands of individual games to choose from, so developers need to add something unique that will draw in players from their target demographic. One way to do this is to base the theme of the game around characters and fictional worlds from popular culture. 

People are naturally drawn to what they know, so basing a slot game on a famous movie or television show helps to attract new customers:

  • Jurassic Park slots offers the highest RTP of any movie-based slots game
  • King Kong slots has unique play modes based on both city and jungle scenes from the movie remake
  • Gladiator Jackpot slots is one of the top progressive jackpots
  • Ghostbusters slots game has multiple bonus features and a maximum win payout of up to 50,000 times the original stake
  • The Dark Knight Rises slots from Microgaming has a relatively high RTP of 96% and can be played from as little as 40p per spin
  • There are multiple options for players to choose from, whether their favourite movie genre is romance, action, adventure, horror or anything else.

    The Star Wars franchise has been popular with children and adults alike since the first film was released back in 1977. Lucasfilm Games was established not long afterwards, in 1982, and there have been many video games released since that time inspired by the ongoing series of films. Eventually rebranded as LucasArts, the game development branch of the franchise has been going strong for almost four decades. 

    Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Force Unleashed, have been two of the most popular games within the franchise. Battlefront is a multiplayer action campaign game played online, where players select to act as one of the familiar faces from the movies and battle it out against large groups of regular players. Force Unleashed is an action-adventure game where players control Starkiller, the apprentice of Darth Vader. Starkiller is a Sith and the game is set years prior to the story as we know it from the movies. 

    LucasArts has also enjoyed much success with the younger gaming audience through its partnership with Lego, which inspired a fun new game telling the story of the original two Star Wars trilogies. LucasArts ceased to develop video games directly as of 2013, but retains its function as licensor, with new games developed by Electronic Arts. In the year prior to stopping production, LucasArts generated approximately $150 million in revenue. 

    Jurassic Park is another movie franchise that has inspired software development. A park full of dinosaurs makes an excellent basis for all types of video games, and developers have worked through almost every genre on the theme. There have been strategy games, action games, theme park games, first-person shooter games and more, all based on the Jurassic Park model. 

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis was originally launched in 1992 and has stood the test of time, Gamers today still enjoy revisiting the mythical pre-war world and taking place in an action-adventure story set on the eve of the Second World War The complex gameplay is divided into three distinct parts and offers challenges for even the most seasoned gamer, The three unique paths and randomised side puzzles also make the game eminently replayable, which could account for why people keep returning to the game more than 30 years after release.

    Movies based on video games are also a popular genre. The coming year will see many new film releases based on games, including Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat, Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and Minecraft. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that ongoing collaboration between the computer game and film industries will continue to attract wider audiences for each sector.