5 Fashion Tiktokers You Should Be Watching

Tiktok has been taking over the social media world for the past four years, and there’s no surprise why. From voice overs, to new singers, to awesome transitions, the app makes it easy to quickly edit any video by the least technology talented person possible. That’s probably one of the best ways to explain why the fashion world quickly integrated themselves into the app. After careful research (and countless scrolling) these are the top five fashion Tiktokers you should be watching right now.

 Sterling Monett Myers

Sterling should come as no surprise with her recent and rapid growth on Tiktok this year. She started out presenting her festival outfits, and unique everyday looks, but quickly transitioned into rating trends, allowing a random generator to pick her looks and rating her followers outfits.


Sara Joy

Sara first made her way into my media through Youtube. She was one of the first fashion Youtubers to allow her boyfriend to pick out her outfits, so when I saw her on my For You page I was shocked and delighted. Her main content tends to be outfits of the day, but every once in a while you’ll get to see her thrifting adventures, or clothing hauls.


Carolina Freixa

Carolina was an aimless scroll through the For You page that transitioned into an obsessive deep dive into her page at three in the morning for me. She’s most known for her Pinterest outfit recreations, celebrity style dupes and anything to do with styling a scarf (whether it’s as a top or for your hair).


Caroline Vazzana

Caroline is possibly the best recommendation I can give to women who want to break into fashion, but don’t know how. She is a fashion editor, stylist, and author of Making it in Manhattan, and she’s more than happy to share tips on getting started in the industry, her looks for fashion week, and outfits inspired by classic fashion movies.


Andie J

Andie is the up and coming fashion Tiktoker everyone needs to be following. Her outfit recreations, must haves for the season and recommendations for different events never fail to amaze me. The best thing though: she posts the outfits in her bio with more affordable options, so you can recreate the looks too.


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