How To Build The Perfect Skincare Routine

So many people watch videos online on other’s skincare routines and try to copy them to get the perfect skin. But they end up not clearing up their skin and seeing worse reactions. This is because we all have different faces that need different things. It isn’t easy to build a skincare routine that is useful and will help you see differences but with these steps, you can easily build your perfect affordable skincare routine.

Step 1: Figure Out Your Skin

A girl looking into a mirror applying cream to her face.


Before you start buying products you need to begin by figuring out your skin type. That can easily be done by asking yourself a few questions. Is your skin usually dry or oily? If you don’t know the answer to the question, keeps an eye out the next couple days to figure it out. You can also help figure this out by thinking about how your skin has reacted to products in the past.

Step 2: Figure Out Your Budget

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In order to figure out the brand you want to buy from you have to figure out your budget. On the lower end, you have options such as bliss and clean and clear or there is the middle which would be clinique or Mario Badescu, or the higher end which is Ordinary. These are just some suggestions but a couple of great trustworthy brands. Also, make sure you can always pay these prices because it is not a one-time payment.

Step 3: Get All The Products You Will Need

A various array of jar that are filled with skincare products.


Some people buy a face wash and moisturizer and call it a day but usually thats not where skincare ends. Begin by picking a facewash then pick a toner. This will help clean and close your pores to stop more dirt from entering. Next, find yourself a serum for the day such as a vitamin c serum or brightening one. If you live in a very sunny place you will want to incorporate sunblock into your morning skincare. Now find a mist that will add vitamins to your face and keep it fresh whenever needed. And lastly, find a moisturizer and eye cream. There are many products in between you can add to your skincare but these are some of the essentials.

Step 4: Separate The Night And Day Products

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Some products you can use for both night and day but you might want to find a few different products when going to bed because you aren’t going anywhere so they can be heavier such as a night cream. Another night addition should be a spot treatment that will help any individual pimples.

Step 5: Incorporate Masks

A closeup of a womans face with a dropper on it.


This does not have to be a daily thing because they are expensive and can be taxing on your face, however around twice a week always do a face mask. I particularly like doing one cleansing and pore extracting and then doing one rejuvenating or tightening. This will help with a deep clean or deep nourishment for your face.



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