7 Style Personalities You Need To Know About

Every girl develops her own sense of style that best represents her own personality. Some discover what suits them best early on while others tend to experiment. But, in the end for certain periods of our lives, there is a style that best represents us and who we are. From casual through sexy to elegant or artistic, there are style personalities we can be categorized by. However, with time our style personalities develop further just as we do and can remain true representations of who we are at certain periods of our lives. Our style is a powerful tool through which we communicate who we are and what we are like. So, find out more and discover which style-personality best describes you.

1. Classic

The classic style-personalities is characterized by a preference for simple and timeless items. Ladies that opt for safe and always appropriate fashion choices will find themselves amongst the classics. From neutral, dark, and classical colors to simple cuts, the classics are always on point and ready for every occasion.

2. Elegant

The elegant style-personality can be described by a preference for simple and minimalistic pieces. Elegant ladies are all about high-quality items that they can wear for multiple occasions and in multiple ways. They love plain-looking clothing that they somehow manage to turn into high-end looking outfits.

3. Feminine

The feminine style-personality is characteristic for ladies that love to doll up. Wearing a girly dress, high heels, makeup, and a matching hairstyle are worth the trouble at all times. Ladies with this style-personality enjoy dressing up, wearing dresses, and love romantic, flowy fabrics. They embrace their gentle and romantic side to the fullest.

4. Casual

This style-personality prefers simple and casual outfits in which she can freely run errands and do everything she has to do. Unlike the elegant or feminine style personality, comfort comes in the first place. Ladies who fit this style-personality prefer natural, simple, and practical items.

5. Sexy

Ladies that are characterized by a sexy style-personality love to show off their silhouette. They feel confident in their body and are not afraid to show what they got. Provocative outfits make them feel empowered and looking attractive is the essence of their fashion choices.

6. Dramatic

Dramatic style-personalities love making a statement with their outfits. They love colors, patterns, and bold cuts. They have a huge personality and they love to show that off with bold choices that put them at the center stage, after all, they are confident and they cannot go unnoticed.

7. Artistic

Artistic style-personalities love to experiment with fashion. They love combining items that seemingly don’t go together, pulling off original combinations, and have the most fun with fashion. This style-personality is the most authentic as their sense of style is pure art.