The Most UNDERRATED Seasons of Reality TV EVER!

Reality TV is amazing. Period.

We all have at least one reality show that we like to watch, even if we’ll never say it out loud.

There are some seasons and moments from reality shows that we all know, and that we all love. But what about those seasons of reality shows that aren’t as well known? Those seasons with moments that aren’t as appreciated as they should be?

Here are some of the most underrated seasons, of some of the biggest reality shows.

Survivor: Guatemala

Survivor: Guatemala is one of the forgotten seasons. Until ‘Winners At War’, this season wasn’t even acknowledged by the show. However, it deserves to be remembered. Even though this season was made in 2005, it introduces a lot of aspects that are mainstays in modern-day ‘Survivor.’ This season was the first season to introduce the hidden immunity idol, which has become an essential part of the game, for better or worse. This was also the first season to mix new players with fan-favorite all-star players, as ‘Palau’ contestants, Stephenie LaGrossa and Bobby Jon Drinkard returned. Lastly, the season has likeable and unique characters, and interesting gameplay.

Big Brother 5

BB5 also tends to get lost in the shuffle, mainly because it precedes three fan-favorite seasons, and because it has a not so memorable winner in Drew Daniel. However, it is arguably better than those three seasons, and some other popular seasons of the show. There was a lot of drama, a lot of interesting gameplay, and a lot of unique contestants.

The Bachelor: Arie

Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ was really great. However, when it was airing, it didn’t get as much love as it should have. Mainly, because Arie was an unexpected choice for a lead, since he was from an older season of ‘The Bachelorette’, and he wasn’t the fan-favorite. The cast was all interesting and entertaining, and the dates were a lot of fun. Plus, while the ending might not have been the most unique, it was still shocking and exciting. Lastly, Arie and, spoiler alert, Lauren B., are one of the few ‘Bachelor’ franchise couples that are still together. Knock on wood.

RuPaul’s Drag Race (Season 8)

Season 8 was a big season for ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race.’ Even though it was one of the shorter seasons, at least episode wise. The season had both the series’ 100th episode, and the 100th queen to walk into the Week Room. (It was Derrick Barry, FYI). The cast is all unique, and the season contains several iconic and fun moments. It was also the first season to win an Emmy Award. The one complaint someone might have about the season is that it’s pretty short, so we don’t get to enjoy it as much as other seasons.

Dancing With The Stars (Season 13)

13 was not an unlucky number for ‘Dancing With The Stars’. Its thirteenth season was one of its best. It had mostly likable celebrities, and a lot of fun dance partnerships. While the season was a little predictable in terms with who would make it to the finale and win, it was still fun watching the season unfold, watching the dances, and watching people really improve.

Vanderpump Rules (Season 4)

‘Vanderpump Rules’ might be cancelled soon, due to cast members either getting fired, leaving, or getting pregnant and now having actual responsibilities. The pandemic that is forcing restaurants to close, also isn’t helping. So let’s just enjoy the seasons while we have them. Season 4 is the most underrated season of the show. We had a lot of amazing moments, like Jax getting arrested for shoplifting, Katie and Tom Schwartz getting engaged, and the return of Stassi. We also get introduced to Lala Kent and Brittany Cartwright, two people who would become major characters in later seasons.

Top Chef: California

‘Top Chef’ is one of the most underrated reality TV shows, in general. But season 13, also known as ‘Top Chef: California’ is the most underrated season of the show. Guess where it takes place, lol. This season had a lot of great guests, including Chrissy Teigan and Rob Gronkowski, and had a lot of fun challenges and characters.