Tom Felton Girlfriends 2022: Who is Tom Felton Dating Now?

Tom Felton is one of the childhood stars of the famous Harry Potter Series, as he plays Draco Malfoy. Before Harry Potter, Felton actually acted in commercials by the time he was eight and landed his first major role as Peahreen Clock in, The Borrowers. When the Harry Potter series ended, Felton continued working on his career. Felton would go on to act in films and TV shows such as Rise of the Planet of the Apes, From the Rough, The Apparition, the American film series, The Flash, and much more.



When Felton was not working on acting projects, he also started his music career. From 2008-2010 Felton began working on releasing four EPs, Time Well Spent (2008), All I Need (2008), In Good Hands (2009), and Hawaii (2011). Although he doesn’t produce music today, he still enjoys playing around on the guitar to perform and to make silly little songs for his followers on social media. Recently Felton hosted a Virtual Christmas Party with his dog Willow on the 26th of December 2020 where he interacted with fans by answering questions, performing Christmas songs, and just generally reaching out to his audience. Felton is very active on social media, especially Tik TokTom Felton Tik Tok

On Tik Tok he is known as t22fleton, has 8.2 million followers, and 109.8 million likes. Felton enjoys interacting with fans on there, especially with the hashtag #Dracotok. There are plenty of fans who enjoy his work on Harry Potter as Draco Malfoy and fans make videos in hopes that Felton will react or notice them on the popular platform. Felton has delivered and created the #pottahchallenge, in which he asked fans to try their best reenactment of one of his famous lines, “Pottah”.

Okay, we know about what Tom Felton has been up to, but who is he dating?

Emma Watson (2019)





As of right now, it is believed that he is probably single. There has been speculation back in 2019 that Felton and former co-star Emma Watson were dating. Felton and Waston were posting pictures together of their holiday in South Africa. It was hard to believe that they might not be a couple because of the several pictures they took together and the fact that Waston had a crush on Felton during their time on set together.

However, Felton was able to put the rumors about Waston and himself dating to rest. He stated they were just friends and “didn’t want to be with someone, just for the sake of being with someone”. You can find more about this trip in this article. The Sun – Tom Felton and Emma Watson



As of right now, Felton is just working on himself and keeping his fans happy. Although he wants to find love, he wants it to be for the right reasons and not just because he is afraid of being alone. Felton is content with his life at the moment just being him and his dog Willow.

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