Top 5 Beauty Brands For A Custom Routine (2021)

Do you find yourself using way too many products just to get that perfect look? Maybe you can never find that perfect shade of lipstick, or you can never find one skincare product that targets just all of your grievances. Not to worry, because custom beauty is here and it is here to stay. From specially crafted acne-treatments to that just right foundation, here are five beauty brands with products that can be tailored to you.

1. Prose

Founded in 2017, Prose is here for your specific hair needs. Like many custom brands, getting a Prose product starts with a quiz that asks you all about your hair, what products you currently use, and even things like your diet and stress levels. All of this culminates in your custom formula, which can then be made into a wide array of products. While Prose is on the more expensive side, the depth of the quiz and range of products available (from the usual suspects like shampoo and conditioner to more uncommon products like hair masks and hair oil) is worth the price.


2. Finding Ferdinand

Getting the perfect lipstick shade has never been easier, all thanks to Finding Ferdinand. Founded in NYC in 2017, Finding Ferdinand is one of the leading names in custom makeup. With Finding Ferdinand, you simply choose the product (either a palette or single custom lipstick), and then you’re on your way to creating your unique makeup products. While the palettes are simply a custom combination of already existing shades, the custom lipstick is where you have complete control over the entire product. From the exact amount of each color to the scent, Finding Ferdinand makes finding your perfect shade an experience.


3. Curology

Is your bathroom cabinet cluttered with products for every skin issue under the sun? Instead of lamenting the latest acne treatment that didn’t work, use Curology. While Curology starts off with taking a quiz and sending in pictures of your skin woes, it is unique from other custom beauty brands in that it does not rely on an algorithm to create your formula. Instead, Curology matches you with a skincare provider who works with you to solve your skin problems. Your custom formula then comes in the brand’s cleanser, cream, and moisturizer for you to use.

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4. Function Of Beauty

Another highly praised custom haircare company, Function of Beauty works with you to create your personal hair products. While it does not have as many specific products as Prose does, Function of Beauty is less expensive, which is great for those who aren’t sure if they want to commit. All Function of Beauty products are also vegan and gluten-free, making it safe for everyone to use. Function of Beauty also allows more customization of the products themselves, letting you choose the name, color, and fragrance of your product. If you’re looking for a more simple approach to your custom haircare, go with Function of Beauty.


5. SkinInc

Serums are a great product if you’re looking for a quick and targeted skincare treatment, but with so many serums out there, how do you know which one to choose? Not to worry, because with SkinInc, you don’t have to worry about choosing. All it takes is a five-minute skin quiz and you’ll have a custom serum sent to you to relieve you of your skin problems. Since a lot of skin problems stem from environmental factors, those are what SkinInc focuses on when creating your formula, and with over 100 different beauty awards, they must be doing something right.