5 Ways To Style Bold Colors Like A Pro

Wearing bold colors is a fun and eccentric way of expressing oneself. Not only will the bold colors make you stand out boot they will also make you feel and appear more positively. However, finding the right balance between looking silly and stylish is a challenge. That is why many do not dare to put bold colors on. There is a certain discomfort that comes with bold colors but, lucky for you there are tricks and tips on how to turn crazy color combinations and items into colorful elegant outfits. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and take one step at a time because there are color combinations that will make you fall in love with them.

1. Tone Orange Down With Something Blue

Blue and orange are a combination that perfectly balances out. The warmth of the orange is toned down with the coolness of the blue color. So, if wearing bold colors like orange, red, and yellow is a bit too much for you, style them with a light blue, a pastel blue, a dark blue, or any other blue, in order to create the perfect balance.

2. Spice Pink Up With A Bit Of Red

Pink and red are a girly and fun combination. If you love these two colors don’t be afraid to style them together. From clothing items to accessories, wearing red and pink can be done in numerous ways. And on top of that, by styling these colors your outfit will have heads turn and make you appear more confident and positive.

3. Purple & Mustard, A Combination You Don’t See Too Often

Purple and mustard are a combination we don’t see every day. Similar to styling purple with yellow but more tone down. This color combination will make you appear both confident and serious while making you stand out as a fashionista who knows what she is doing.

4. Balance Green Out With Something White

If you love green but are too shy to wear it then try styling it with something white. The simplicity and cold tone of the white color will tone your green outfit down and give it some retro vibe. So, start enjoying your greens and pairing them with light colors like white.

5. Blue & Red As Opposites That Attract

When you think of an attention-grabbing color combination, red and blue are a top combination. These two colors are opposites that seem to just work out in some way when styled together. So, if you want to wear something that has color and will have you stand out while still playing it safe, red and blue are the combo you should go for.