7 Things That Make You Look Shabby

When dressing up most of us focus on the fashion part of our outfit and on how to style certain items. But, there are details that we need to pay attention to as well. In addition to our fashion choices, it is our grooming that can make or break our overall appearance. So, it is time to start paying attention to details from head to toe and to bring our appearance to a higher level. How? Well, through our grooming. It is our grooming that is more important than the clothes we wear and when neglected little details make us look shabby and downgrade our appearance. Hence, make sure not to do the following mistakes, and looking fabulous will be guaranteed.

1. Split Ends & Frizzy Hair

Bad hair is something that can completely ruin your appearance. Split ends, frizzy hair, roots, etc. are just some of the things that make you appear shabby. So, make sure to take good care of your hair. Give it the treatment it deserves in order to look healthy and nurtured. Opt for a hairstyle that suits your face and style, and learn how to style your hair in order to look your best at all times.

2. Chipped Nails

Nails seem like a detail that no one notices but don’t be fooled it are such details that affect your overall appearance. Chipped nails and torn manicures are details that downgrade your look. So, take care of your nails and have nicely manicured nails at all times. If you cannot get professional manicures on a regular basis then start doing it yourself. This might not only become one of your beauty rituals but it might be fun for you as well.  Trust us, having nicely manicured nails will significantly upgrade your appearance.

3. Heavy Makeup

When it comes to everyday makeup less is more. Strive towards enhancing your natural features rather than painting another person. Keep the heavy makeup for special occasions but, when it comes to everyday makeup going for a more natural look will make you appear more professional and classy.

4. Bad Skin

Many of us battle various skin issues, from pimples to acne so, our skin must become a priority. There are many ways of resolving certain skin issues from a healthy diet and hydration to beauty products and various treatments. Depending on what your skin concern is, make sure to give your skin what it needs and that will instantly upgrade your appearance.

5. Eyebrows

Unplucked eyebrows make you appear like a person that neglects her appearance. In addition to that having too thin, or painted eyebrows or in a shape that does not suit your face might not look great either. So, when it comes to this certain detail seek professional help and groom your eyebrows to look their best for your style and shape of your face.

6. Too Small or Too Big Clothing

Wearing clothing that does not fit properly is another detail that can make you look shabby. So, think twice before you put too small or too big clothing on yourself. If it does not fit as it should then don’t wear it because it might downgrade your appearance.

7. Wrinkly Clothing

Living busy and hectic lifestyles might bring us from ironing pour clothing but in order to look our best, we need to find the time to either iron or steam certain items. So, get a steamer if you still have none and make your clothes presentable at all times. Steaming your clothing is a little detail that can make you look more professional and serious at all times.