Deadpool 3: All You Need To Know

It has been almost three years since the last Deadpool movie! Deadpool 2 came out in May of 2018, and since then, it has left fans praying for a third installment of the franchise. It was rumored back in 2019 that Marvel was working on it, but, good news! As of Tuesday, January 12th, 2021, it was confirmed that our favorite foul-mouthed superhero, Deadpool, was getting another movie!

This project will not start filming until 2022 and Marvel will not officially say when they are going to release it, fans are hoping for sooner rather than later! However, Marvel can’t keep fans in the dark for long, the studio isn’t revealing much right now, but they are teasing some interesting information. This new Deadpool movie should be in the next phase of the Marvel cinematic universe! This is a huge step as none of the X-Men superheroes have been introduced into the first two phases of Marvel’s storytelling. So far, all the X-Men films have been stand-alone stories or been connected with just each other’s storyline.


Casting and Rumors

Since this is such a new project, there is not much known about casting. Obviously, we will have the ever hilarious Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, but as of anyone else, there’s not much. There are rumors that the X-Man cast might make an appearance, as well as Rusty Collins, possibly continuing the story where we left off after Deadpool 2.

It had been confirmed that since Deadpool fixed his personal time at the end of Deadpool 2, his once dead girlfriend, Vanessa, will be able to play a huge role in the movie. There are rumors that Bob, Cable, Yukio, will be in the film, as well as a couple of others listed on Fandom. Collider mentioned that the screenwriters, Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin and Wendy Molyneux have been working on the script but not much has leaked about that.




Where is this Deadpool film going to take us? Although not much is known about this film, CNN reported that the movie will indeed be rated R. This is a first in the Marvel Universe, as the most highly rated movies in these phases have just been PG-13. Although this is huge news, the studio will probably do a rated R version as well as PG-13, so fans of all ages can enjoy it. Marvel has taken Deadpool movies and edited them before so they would be PG-13, it would not be surprising if they decided to make that choice again.

Release Date

So, even though there is not much known about Deadpool 3 at the moment, we are aware that they are filming in 2022. There are rumors that say with filming being in 2022, that the release date could be as soon as early 2023! Maybe they want to premiere their film for Valentine’s Day in 2023? Some sources are stating that the release date might be pushed to 2024, but I guess we will have to wait and see!





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