The 5 Scandinavian Fashion Brands to Obsess Over This Spring 2021

Often overshadowed by bigger and glitzier European fashion cities, Scandinavian labels are quickly becoming some of the hottest and most sought-after brands of “It” girls and Instagram influencers everywhere. It’s easy to see why since many brands, often hailing from Copenhagen or Stockholm, pride themselves as trendy and practical while maintaining reasonable prices that compare favorably to higher-end contemporary American and European designers. Scandinavian style evokes the light and airy nature of the cultures while contrasting the colder and harsher environments of the region. As opposed to the often avant-garde designs of other fashion-forward cities, Copenhagen and Stockholm’s styles are more neutral and flexible, allowing the pieces to have sustained investment power over time.


In the age of influencers, Ganni has perhaps become the shining jewel of Instagram fashion. The Danish label, hailing from Copenhagen, specializes in bold and ambitious designs. While daring, Ganni’s signature dresses and crafty accessories are surprisingly easy to wear as they each provide their own statement. Ganni’s out-of-the-box and ultimate cool spring dresses are for the ones who feel bold and adventurous. Currently, Ganni has a great sale on their website for anyone looking to snatch up their timelessly popular designs.

Stine Goya

Looking very expensive and upmarket, the Danish designer creates crowd-pleasing runway-ready formal wear that proves reasonably priced compared to other mainstream designers. Stine Goya is famous for its bright colors and whimsical prints. Each piece tells its own story. Stine Goya is a fun take on bold design, embracing what makes Scandinavian fashion so appealing.

& Other Stories

A subset of the fast-fashion company H&M, & Other Stories is a more curated and less mass-produced alternative to its Swedish parent company. While more expensive than H&M, & Other Stories stores feel like coveted designer retailers with reasonable middle of the line prices. The concept is unique as & Other Stories exports production and designs to independent labels in various fashion cities, each with their own identities echoed in the clothing. Everything is exceptionally wearable while very trendy and fresh.

ACNE Studios

Perhaps the most well-known label hailing from Scandinavia, ACNE Studios continues to dominate contemporary fashion with their cutting edge designs and swoon-worthy cool-girl styles. While pricy, the Stockholm based ACNE Studios continues to provide inspiration to street-style designers and icons everywhere by being bold and unique with their practical and comfortable styles that scream to be worn on hot summer city days.


The hot Danish brand, ANINE BING, has recently become a popular sensation in the States with their cool neutrals and casual clothing. ANINE BING has, like most Scandinavian designers, always remained ahead of the trends, encompassing the latest and greatest into its Insta-worthy and fashionable casual wear. ANINE BING’s t-shirts are its signature items, but they also have a vast range of classic workwear and accessories that can help breathe new life into a summer wardrobe.

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