Top 5 Video Games Every Girl Should Try (2021)

If you play video games as I do, then this list is for you to look at. A staggering 52 percent of gamers are women, many of whom, like me, started as little girls and held onto it throughout adolescence and young adulthood.  These video games will relax you and keep you calm or make you super hyper, depending on what mood you are feeling.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

This game is for literally anyone who wants to relax and create an amazing tropical island paradise to live in. The game itself is very relaxing for anyone who decides to play it and will allow hours of fun for the player. You can customize your character however you want and create a cutesy type of island. This game is for any gamer girl looking to relax and unwind after a long day.

Any Call of Duty Game

Girl gamers can play any shooting game as well as boys can. So any Call of Duty game will be great to try for any girl looking to release their anger on a couple of players online, bots, or even zombies in the multiplayer mode. If you are a girl and haven’t played call of duty yet, then I suggest you should.


Halo was always a fan favorite for any girl gamer to kill aliens and have fun while doing it. If you are a girl gamer and want to kill some aliens or play multiplayer, then this game is definitely for you. I’d definitely recommend Halo Reach, for its awesome graphics and easy to learn game controls, it’s a game that girls who haven’t played it, will fall in love with. The game itself is truly a masterpiece.


Runescape has been around for a pretty long time. Runescape dealt with combat in a way that no other MMO had dealt with at the time. Even today, Runescape stands as one of the most unique MMOs when it comes to this.In other MMOs, players must choose a class at the beginning of the game. As they level up, they can choose new abilities to unlock from their class skill tree. In Runescape, it’s not like that. The level system is more in line with an Elder Scrolls game. You start the game as an ordinary person – there are no classes. As you fight for longer, the more your level will increase. You can choose to use ranged, magic, or combat attacks at any point, and choose between defense, accurate, or strength-based attacks for all three of these. Not only does Runescape have unique combat, but the graphics are amazing and perfect for any girl gamer looking to play an old free medieval-style game with quests, dueling, drinking, and combat.

Mario Kart

If you are a girl gamer who has played any Mario games as a kid, then this game is for you. Mario Kart combines racing with your favorite characters from the Mario universe. If you like competitive racing and playing as different characters with different race cars and bikes to customize, then this game is for you to definitely try and enjoy.