5 Ways To Make Working From Home Easier

It’s been almost a year since we have been asked to stay inside as much as possible, and work from home or learn from home. As someone who has been trying to balance that work and school life, there is a lot I have learned from this experience. There is no right way to work from home, but here are just some ideas that have helped me stay on top of all my due dates while I have been at home.


Get a Daily Planner!

Getting a daily planner, bullet journal, monthly planner, or even an app on your phone is super helpful. Over the past three years, I have been using a daily planner to help keep track of work, school, and outside activities. It has always been helpful to keep that planner on my desk and seeing my weekly spread and To-Do list. It might not work for everyone, but even just using the calendar on my phone has helped me in the past, I can set reminders and not miss an assignment again. Below I put some of my favorite planners!

Rocketbook Panda Planner 

Little Elephant Planner

The 9 Best Planner Apps

Passion Planner

Hadron Epoch

Coffee Makers

This might not be for everyone, but I know I have a better morning when I can have some coffee while working. For some reason, this motivates me to stay in my seat longer because I don’t have to keep getting up to find a distraction. It’s like a treat to stay in my seat while I work. Maybe it doesn’t have to be coffee, you could do soda, tea, or any drink that makes you happy. Below are some of the coffee essentials that keep me peppy.

Pour Over Kettle

Pour Over

Bean Box Subscription

Keurig Coffee Maker



Listening to Music

I’ve noticed that I tend to get bored while working if I don’t have some kind of noise going. Some people use Netflix, radio, or Podcasts while they work to just have something in the background, but that does not work for me personally. I usually use Spotify and search for study or instrumental music. This way, There’s still something playing in the background, without taking much of my attention.

Spotify – Instrumental Study

Spotify – Chill Beats


Supplies For Your Desk Space

It may seem obvious, but decorating your desk space can improve your attitude a lot. Seeing personal pictures, figures, pens, and little notes can make the desk seem like a fun place to be. Even changing it up every month or so can give you a very fresh perspective on wanting to get work done. Getting pens you love, post-its, folders, and even a notepad that you love can make the desk space a lot more exciting. Especially because you get to shop around for what you might want on your desk. Think about the possibilities, new pencil/pen holder, colored post-its, or a personalized folder, can make the work week so much better.

You’ll also want a good webcam for all those vitural meetings!

Webcam with Ringlight

Rocketbook – Reusable Notebook

Post its


College Dorm Room Desk With Accessories And Computer



Tips and Tricks

Yes, it’s very hard to stay productive during the day, sitting down and trying to get work done can be very exhausting. I usually start my week by making a list of things to accomplish by Friday. It helps to see what is getting done and what could be better next week. I also try to make sure to get dressed every day so I’m not in the same PJs day and night. While working, it’s also important to remember to take a break every hour from sitting and take a short walk.¬† I also have been rewarding myself at the end of each week with ordering from my favorite restaurant, getting my favorite dessert, or just renting a movie for a good job done for the week. I always look forward to getting my work done, because I know there is something to look forward to at the end of the week.

Hope some of this helps everyone have a productive week.


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