4 Great Apps That Make Learning New Skills Fun And Easy

Only a handful of people enjoy learning in the academic sense. Everyone else does so in order to get ahead in the world in some way, whether by studying a profession or using your knowledge to consult or teach. However, it is not controversial to state that traditional book learning is not the most effective way for most people to learn skills.

The good news is that in 2021 there are tons of apps available to help you learn a range of different skills. If you want to expand your arsenal of practical skills, try the following 4 apps.


Lingopie is an interactive language learning app that takes a very different approach to any other. Instead of giving you phrases to repeat or important words to continuously revise, Lingopie uses a much more intuitive technique. It provides access to tons of foreign-language series that you can binge.

Of course, you won’t be watching these series dubbed into English. Rather, Lingopie provides subtitles in both languages that are interactive. You can click on words in the middle of a scene to see and compare their translations and, when you feel ready, start watching with subtitles in the other language.

It shows you how the language is spoken while keeping your interest – both of which are lacking from just about any other language-learning app. Read this Lingopie review for more information.


Have you always dreamed of learning to play an instrument? Are one-on-one music lessons too expensive but YouTube tutorials too abstract? Yousician is the app for you!

Yousician provides video lessons, but this is not what makes it different from most other apps. Rather, it listens to you play your instrument and gives you live feedback. So, when you play a wrong note, it lets you know what you did wrong.

You can play along to songs at various speeds, increasing the difficulty as you improve. Yousician keeps you engaged by having you play even as a complete beginner, and actively practicing is the most important aspect when learning a skill.


I am terrible at drawing. At least, that’s what I’ve always believed, not realising that very few people are naturally good at it. The thing is, I don’t have the eye to look at a blank page and accurately assess how to create an image. SketchAR has made that obstacle irrelevant.

SketchAR uses augmented reality to teach you to draw. You hold your smart device over a piece of paper and essentially trace the sketch. As you practice, you get better and better, until you can sketch more naturally without needing the outline.


Creating a podcast can be an enjoyable hobby, a misguided career plan, or a true money maker. However, there is more to creating a podcast than just sitting down and recording yourself ramble on. Anchor teaches you the basics.

Owned by Spotify, it guides you through the whole process, from recording to editing to adding music and publishing. While it cannot make you interesting if you just don’t have anything to say, it does make it easy to cut out the rambling, along with anything that is suddenly not compelling on second listen.

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