Madelaine Petsch 2023: Who Is Petsch Dating Now?

Madelaine Petsch is most commonly known as Cheryl Blossom in CW’s hit TV show Riverdale. Although, that is not the only thing Petsch has been in. She has also starred in F the Prom in 2017 that was mainly premiered on on-demand and online streaming services. Petsch has only been active in the movie/TV industry since 2014, where she made her break in a Coca-Cola commercial.

Movies and TV shows are not the only things that Petsch is passionate about. She also has started a YouTube channel in 2017 that has 6.28 million subscribers and 124 videos. On her YouTube channel, she mainly makes videos about her life and with her friends. When it comes to sharing about her life, she has content about what she eats in a day after many requests since people found out that she was vegan. When it comes to sharing her life with friends, she has a mini-series called “Baking With Vanessa Morgan” and “Quarantine Crafts: Tie Dye Edition with Lili Reinhart.” Both Morgan and Reinhart are co-stars in the TV show Riverdale.

So, now that we have a little bit of background on Petsch, what has she really been up to? Who has she been dating? To answer your question, she’s actually single as of February 2020. Now, you might be wondering, “What?!” That’s exactly what I was thinking when I found out, but here is who she was previously dating for three years.

Travis Mills (2017-2020)


She had been dating Travis Mills since 2017. Their relationship had been very public and they were always posting each other on their social media sites.

Mills posted a break-up post on his Instagram that explained that they were going their separate ways and he stated, “I regret nothing.” as they have grown together for the last three years. They ended on good terms with Mills writing in his post, “While holding back tears, I’m excited to see what you do next. I’ll always have your back.”

Now that it has almost been a year later since their split, not much has been said between the two of them even though they have kept it totally casual and clean. So, what are they up to now? Petsch is still starring in Riverdale as they have just aired the start of season five on January 20, 2021. She is also still working on her Youtube channel and doing paid promotions with Biore. She also has her own line with Fabletics that is called MadelaineXFabletics.

Also, what is Travis Mills doing? In 2020, he was coming out with his new pop-punk band “Girlfriends” with musical influences from a few different other bands like Blink-182, All Time Low, and 5 Seconds Of Summer.