Top 5 Fashion Statements for V-Day (2021)

Valentine’s Day, the day full of love (and sometimes flowers and chocolate). Most of the time, you might catch yourself or many others booking reservations to all of the restaurants within a 20-mile radius, but what do you wear? Not to worry, because in this article you are about to find out the Top 5 fashion statements for this lovely day that range from dresses to pants.

1. Puff Sleeve Mini

What’s great about this dress is it’s cute and fun but also, it’s not overwhelming to the wearer or those around you. Also, the color is a major yes! Valentine’s Day is all about love (Duh!) with the bright colors of red or pink, so anything in that color range is an automatic yes! But what if this is just not your style? Don’t fret, we have four more to go!

2. Silk Camisole

A silk cami? Yes, please! For those that are more laid back, but chic. This is definitely one to put in your closet. Silk is such an easy way to dress up an outfit especially if you are not the type to wear dresses or skirts. Jeans are always something very simple you can wear and they are very easy to dress up. Adding a matching heel is always a bonus, but if you are going with a neutral-colored top, a pop of color also looks very appropriate (especially if the pop of color was red or pink).

3. Ruffled Top

A fun, ruffled top is a go-to! Not only can you step out of your comfort zone with this one on Valentine’s Day, but this would also look amazing on any other day as well. Doing the traditional red and pink look is also a major statement for Valentine’s Day, but to mix it up you can do any color you desire.

4. Leather Skirt

This one might be a little tricky to wear since sometimes leather can be a bit annoying to wear. Although, the outcome of a leather skirt is always worth it! Leather skirts are one type that you can wear to any event, formal activity, or even just because you want to look hot that day.

5. Checkered Pants

If you are wanting to look cute and maybe even step out of the box, checkered pants for the win. You don’t have to stick with the usual colors of Valentine’s Day, any color will suffice and look super cute! Neutral colors are always in, so you don’t have to worry about not being within the color guidelines of V-Day.