3 Ways to Wear Pantone’s Colors of the Year

The Pantone Color Institute has officially spoken and announced its choice for Pantone Color of the Year 2021. The results? “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating Yellow”. These two color choices are filled with depth and vibrancy, while still managing to keep things stylish. Ultimate Gray follows a more pastel fashion route, following the trends of the past couple of years whilst illuminating yellow brings a slightly warmer tone to the table, without venturing too much ‘out there’.

The best thing about these colors is that they are very wearable and make a great, long-lasting addition to any wardrobe. Here are a few suggestions on how to really make the most of this year’s Pantone selection.

Wear Them As They Are

Nothing makes a bigger statement than wearing one standalone color. And there couldn’t be better shades to do this with than Ultimate Gray or Illuminating yellow. You may decide to go for the chic look with a pastel shirt and pant combination. Or you can keep things casual and wear the soft yellow as a longer summer dress, something brands from Ted Baker to Hobbs are pulling out for 2021. There are so many ways to show off these tones when wearing them as standalone pieces.

What’s more, when you do construct an outfit solely from these colors, it’s really easy to be playful with your choice of style, material, and even the makeup you try. Simply because the shades are so easy to enjoy and suit everybody in a classically unique way.

Combine the Two

With both colors being quite relaxed, muted shades, they also work really well when put together. Of course, the choice is yours as to how to wear them at the same time. But for a real 2021 style, fashionistas are focusing on one of the hues as a dominating color, whilst combining it with subtle elements of the other.

So, it could be that you choose to wear Ultimate Gray as a pleated dress and cosey sweater with an Illuminated yellow collar peeking through. Or vice versa! It could even be that you choose to wear one shade and use the other for an accessory. Of course, if you do decide to go a little more mix-matched and even wear them 50/50, you will still look great.


Photo by Mark Decile on Unsplash

Wear with Another Color

For those looking to make this fashion statement their own whilst also staying on-trend, combining one of the colors with your own choice also works really well. It could be that you mix the gray or yellow with another one of Pantone’s 2021 favorites. Or maybe you just want to do your own thing and choose a bright green, an eye-catching pink, or even a ‘goes with everything’ black.

If you want to go for this look, you can take inspiration from world-renowned designer Versace. His designs are a great example of how to combine softer colors with both strong and pastel colors. A Versace printed shirt is a great example of how to take fashionable colors and do your own thing with them.

There are so many ways to wear Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow. But, whether you wear them by themselves, wear them together, or with a color of your choice, one thing’s for sure: you are guaranteed to look stylish and chic this year!

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