Top 5 Black Owned Fashion Businesses (2021)

Have you cleaned out your closet and are looking for new clothes? Maybe just want to treat yourself? Or maybe just look at what’s in store? Luckily for you, here is a list of the top 5 black-owned fashion brands to put into your closet!

1. NaClo Apparel

NaClo Apparel made its big debut during the pandemic by Jamie and Chuck. NaClo offers a wide variety of bleached loungewear that consists of sweats, sweatshirts, cropped tops, shorts, and regular shirts. NaClo is such an interesting name, but where did it come from you may ask? It’s the name for the bleach in their bleached clothing, NaClo is the name for Sodium Hypochlorite. This clothing line ranges from $35 – $85. If you’re interested in this, here’s their website to check out:

2. Lydia Endora

This brand is a women’s clothing line that has pretty much anything you could want. To start out, there is an amazing athletic wear section that consists of sports bras, leggings, and sets. The athletic wear ranges from $29 – $60. Lydia Endora also has bottoms, dresses, swimwear, jumpsuits, outerwear, and tops. All of the clothing items range from about $20 – $150. Check out her website here:

Of course, I don’t want the men to feel left out, so the next two are for you!

3. The Aware Brand

This brand came about when two childhood best friends decided to spread some positivity through clothing. This brand carries t-shirts, sweatshirts/hoodies, and headwear. This brand claims its clothing is where streetwear and self-awareness meet and is fashion with a purpose. This line ranges from $35 – $100. You can check out their website here:

4. Allëdjo

This brand is all about culture from West Africa. The founder, Kassim Lassissi, has always loved fashion and wanted to spread the culture of West Africa to people who are unfamiliar with their colors and patterns. This line is mainly a men’s line, but the shirts are genderless with simple patterns and colors that anyone can wear. This clothing line has currency in euros, but if you are unfamiliar with euros here is the United States dollar equivalency. This line ranges from about $74 – $300. You can check out more here:

5. Flaws of Couture

This line is a swimwear and clothing line that ranges from S-5X. My favorite thing about this line is how inclusive they are with sizing. Flaws of Couture has two different collections, those being FOC x Channa and OG Collection. FOC x Channa has five different swimsuits that are based on different sports teams. This collection of swimsuits range from $132 – $205 and they are all sold out. The OG Collection has joggers, windbreakers, t-shirts, and hats. This line ranges from $40 – $60. You can check their website here: