5 Regency Inspired Jewelry Shops To Tide You Over Until Bridgerton Season 2

Ah, regency England. A time of perfect manners, elaborate handmade dresses and actually having time during the day to master the pianoforte if you were lucky. Even if you are a bit too busy working or studying to practice your faux swoons and perfect your embroidery, the escapism provided by a well crafted historical drama might make you forget how tiny your dorm room, I mean estate, actually is. And if like so many you’ve run through 8 episodes in two days, you might be forced to turn to other sources to curb your boredom until season 2. Well, we’ve got your fix with 5 regency inspired accessory shops to help you channel your inner Duchess.

1. Dames a la Mode

This Washington D.C. reproduction company was started in 2011 by a woman named Taylor after she couldn’t find accurate accessories for her historical costumes. Today, Taylor runs a vast one-woman show consisting of her historical blog, shop, and drool-inducing social media accounts. Taylor’s dainty Regency pieces are perfectly able to integrate into your modern wardrobe, and she makes pieces for historical costuming, so you know you’re getting accurate pieces.


2. The Museum Of Jewelry

Okay, so not actually a museum, but a shop with jewelry worthy of one. This little shop was founded in 1964 and now boasts original historically inspired jewelry from cultures all over the world throughout history. This includes hundreds of dainty drop earrings and filigree brooches that would make Krista jealous.

3. La Comtesse Atelier

This Stockholm based Etsy store offers a range of regency era earrings and necklaces and has glowing reviews from nearly 100 customers. Though small, the shop’s pieces are well made and affordable, with a particular focus on the brighter Greek-inspired hues from the time. Perfect if your wardrobe leans more toward Featherington brights rather than muted Bridgerton blue.

4. Jewels Through Time 

This shop based in Fort Worth, Texas takes its inspiration directly from your favorite content. Historical accuracy may vary a bit based on the source material, but if you’re looking to have a clone of your favorite characters’ closets, this one is for you. There aren’t direct Bridgerton replicas yet, but you can have your fix with Emma and Sense and Sensibility replicas. Just try to avoid Lady Danbury’s scathing glare!

5. Sign Of The Gray Horse

If necklaces and earrings aren’t your favorites but you still want to add some regency era flair to your jewelry case, these pieces by Kimberly Walters have you covered. Walters’ shop based in colonial Williamsburg specializes in historical hairpieces such as combs, diadems, and hat pins. Jewelry of the time was very minimal, but fashionable women could go crazy with coifs consisting of elaborate braids, curls, bonnets and tiaras for the evening. So if you never got into the minimalism trend, you can still emulate genteel ladies accurately with beautifully made headwear. And you get to support Walters’ horses in the process!