Top 3 BEST Kinds of Valentine’s Day Candies (2021)

It’s February. Which means Valentine’s Day is coming up. This is the first major holiday of the year. And it is also a bit of a controversial holiday. Some people really love it. Some people really hate it. It depends on what your relationship status is, and how old you are.

However, one of, if not the best part of Valentine’s Day is the candy. No matter how old you are, you love this holiday for all the sweet treats available.

Here are the best candies you can get for Valentine’s Day.

Reese’s Hearts

Reese’s hearts are the best seasonal version of Reese’s. Period. However, you can make a case for the Reese’s Easter Egg being the best. You get a lot of peanut butter, but not too much. There might be more chocolate than regular cups, or at least there might be more chocolate. Also, there are large Reese’s hearts, which are amazing, and that you don’t get with other Reese’s holiday shapes.

Chocolate Roses

These might not technically be Valentine’s Day candies, they might be available all year round, but they do still count as Valentine’s Day candy. A chocolate form of anything is good, and that includes chocolate roses. These are also better to get then real roses, since real ones die after a few days.

Candy Hearts

Candy hearts are a classic. And they taste a lot better than people might think or remember. You can’t have Valentine’s Day without candy hearts with sweet or funny messages on them.