How Much A Casino Dealer Can Earn

Online and land-based casino is not new to the gaming world. They have been here since eternity. Let us all accept the truth; we all love to play online games. They provide us an arena for investing our time and let us earn huge amounts on the takeaway. But did you know that apart from playing, casino dealers also have a good time in the whole scene?

For most of us, gambling is an exciting game. It is a perfect blend of glamour, excitement, and fun. And to top it all, being a casino dealer pays off. After all, you can be a part of the game without investing and earn tips. Here in this blog, we will decide how much a casino dealer makes in the US.

What Is The Average Wage Of A Casino Dealer?

To be very honest, the average wage of a casino dealer is not very lucrative. Casino is no more than the service industry; thus, as dealers, the wage is close to waitresses and bartenders. However, you have one saving grace, and that is you can make more in the tips and hourly wage. The casino dealers’ hourly wage does not depend on the game, and the starting pay is around $10.

But when you are close to working more than 40 hours a week, you can aim to get anywhere between $16,000 to $20,000 a year. The next thing to consider apart from the hourly wage comes in the form of gamblers’ tips. Tipping is widespread in gambling and sometimes even gets some dealers around $50 per hour.

Today being a casino dealer is considered a great job, and sometimes dealers who have a clean record can earn around $60,000 a year.

What Are The Other Things To Consider For A Casino Dealer?

Apart from a fixed salary, various circumstances influence the pay of a casino dealer. They are:

  • For example, some husky dealers do not work at the podium to make way for the guests.
  • During the slow seasons, dealers earn lower tips and lessened work hours, which impact the overall pay.
  • Tips also make a huge impact on the pay. If a casino dealer had made $2,000 in the last week and has a sturdy flow of the amount, then he or she can make $100,000 a year.



One of the interesting aspects of being a dealer is that you have to meet and entertain the clients every day and with a leveraged zeal. Thus, if you are shy as a person, then this job is not for you. 

However, on the contrary, if you know how to impress people, then being a casino dealer will surely benefit you. In the last few years, online and land-based casinos have grown exponentially and have allowed dealers to earn more. If you further wish to know about casino dealers’ net income, feel free to visit and get all your doubts dissolved.

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