Tips for Buying Toddler Clothes for a Capsule Wardrobe

The concept of a capsule wardrobe has recently become increasingly popular. And it is not only the wardrobe of adults that can be selected according to this principle. If you are looking for ways to save on clothes for your little one, as well as reduce the space you need to store all the outfits of your child, here are some efficient tips.

Make Shopping Simple

If you want to buy outfits for your baby smartly, it is better to make sure that this process is as simple as possible. First of all, find a store or two where you will be able to shop for everything you need for your child. Opt for a toddler clothings store like The Trendy Toddlers store where you can get not only outfits but also footwear. The most crucial advantage is that you will know how to select the size of clothes for your toddler properly, and there will be no need to send back the items of the wrong size.

Choose Sustainable Clothes

Did you know that an average American person throws away about 70 pounds of clothes every year? A lot of parents prefer buying cheaper clothes for children because they grow really fast. However, in this way, outfits wear out and get spoiled even faster. Therefore, the quality of clothes is crucial. And your toddler will wear such an outfit for at least a couple of seasons. 

When you are selecting outfits for toddlers, you also need to make sure that:

  • They are comfortable: if you have bought a pair of trendy tight jeans, it is hardly a comfy option for your active baby. So, there will be clothes your child will wear only several times.
  • They are flexible: not all natural fabrics are elastic. However, when it comes to pants and hoodies, they should not prevent your toddler from active movements.
  • They are affordable: subconsciously, if you buy a costly outfit for your baby, you will keep it for a special moment that might even not happen. Thus, be sure that the basic wardrobe for your baby includes clothes you will put on every day.
  • Matching Rule

    Finally, when selecting a capsule wardrobe for your toddler, make sure that all the items match each other in style and color. In this way, you will be able to combine them as you want. For instance, for your daughter for the upcoming summer, you will need:

  • 6 tops;
  • 4 bottoms;
  • 2 dresses;
  • 1 hoodie;
  • 2 pairs of shoes.
  • Final Say

    One of the first pitfalls of such a wardrobe you might have thought about is the necessity to do laundry every day. However, if you try, you will understand the undeniable benefit of having all the clothes clean, while your Sunday will be free from a huge laundry ritual that takes a lot of your time. The capsule wardrobe is not only about saving money — it is also about saving space and time.