Top 5 Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas (2021)

With how busy life gets, it’s easy to drop the ball on stuff. Valentine’s is coming up and getting the right gift can be hard, but not to worry! If you are stressing out about what to do for that special person in your life, there is hope! With enough creativity, thought, and time, there are ideas that are sure not to fail! Here are some of the best gift ideas to use when you need to get something thoughtful and memorable for your loved one this Season.

Top 5 Gifts to Give

1. Framing a Photo of The Two of You Together/Photobook/Photo collage

With the digital age, it’s easy to forget how much physical photos can be. There are plenty of things you can do, like a photo collage, photobook, digital frame, or even just putting a favorite photo of yours and framing it. Get creative! You can even put captions under the photos or on the photo.




2. A Gift Basket

Nothing says, “I know you” or “I am thinking of you” like when you put their favorite things together for them. It doesn’t have to be much, but thinking about what they like – fuzzy socks, candy, drinks, snacks, or even a gift card to their favorite place to eat! Plus it’s a fun and creative way to wrap something up.


3. Making A Collection of Notes/Dates

Making a series of notes saying things you love about them is very special. Bonus points if you also put date ideas for you guys to try every month this year. Or making notes for different moods – I miss you, you miss me, you’re having a bad day, you’re happy, something good happened to you, etc. Just words of encouragement, love, and appreciation from the one you love. It’s something fun for your partner to open for whatever mood suites them.

4. Sweets Giftbox

This is something you can do and enjoy together. Putting together a gift box full of sweets to make. You can make different kinds of boxes depending on what your partner enjoys. You could make a sundae gift box, full of sprinkles, hot fudge, carmel, whipped cream, ice cream, M&M’s, cherries, etc. If they don’t like ice cream, you can do cookies, Hot Cocoa, Brownies, cake, or even a pretzel bar. This is fun and allows you guys to get creative together.


5. Touch Bracelet

For those who are apart for long periods of time, this one might be for you. These touch bracelets allow you and your partner to send each other little touches (or vibrations) when you are thinking of them. They send in real-time as long as both of you are wearing the bracelet. It’s a fun way to say “I’m thinking of you” or “I miss you”.

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