WATCH: Michelle Obama Returns To Netflix With ‘Waffles + Mochi’

Get out your pans and baking sheets, because Michelle Obama is making yet another Netflix appearance with the latest travel and cooking show Waffles + Mochi! This adorable show is produced by and features the former First Lady, who is notorious for her “Let’s Move!” public health campaign that aimed to provide cost-effective healthy meal alternatives to children across America to help beat childhood obesity.

Waffles + Mochi follows two puppets, named Waffles and Mochi respectively, who travel from country to country to become chefs. They learn about new foods from each location and educate their audience on various cultural meals and delicacies, whether it be in a restaurant, farm, or home kitchen. Mrs. Obama serves as the friendly supermarket owner in this new hit show for kids.

Alongside big-name Michelle Obama, Waffles + Mochi couldn’t have been made without the efforts of producers Tonia Davis, Priya Swaminathan, and Barack Obama. This Netflix original also features some wonderful puppeteers and voice actors such as Michelle Zamora and Andy Hayward.

Move over Muppets, because that’s not all. Watch this new hit show and you may even catch some amazing guest appearances, such as Jack Black, Zach Galifianakis, Gaten Matarazzo, Rashida Jones and more!

Don’t miss out on all your favorite celebs all in one crazy, fun puppet cooking show! Mark your calendar for its release on March 16. Only on Netflix.

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