Cancer Treatment during the Lockdown

Is it possible to go abroad for treatment? Do foreign countries accept international patients? Do you need to have a coronavirus test? How long do you need to self-quarantine upon arrival? Is it better to postpone the oncology treatment?

We’ll try to answer these questions down below.

Is it better to wait it out?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many patients with cancer postpone their procedures. Some people do it following the recommendation of a doctor, and some simply do not want to risk their health once again.

Are the few months critical in cancer treatment?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of many people and significantly challenged the healthcare systems around the world. Nobody was prepared for the situation, but we’re all learning to adapt and cope with it.

The situation with COVID-19 is getting better right now in some countries and regions, but it doesn’t seem to come to an end soon.

Going back to the question, for cancer patients, a period of several months can be critical. In 2 or 3 months without treatment, the disease can progress, and the resectable tumor can become inoperable. Therefore, cancer patients cannot waste time, as sometimes it is impossible to make up for it.

If you have already been diagnosed with cancer or you’re concerned about related symptoms, you should definitely contact a doctor to discuss further tactics. This will eliminate unnecessary risks.

You should know that the risk of untreated cancer is in most cases much higher than the possible consequences of the diagnosed COVID-19.

Countries you can undergo cancer treatment in

Now countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, South Korea, Turkey, Israel, the list goes on, are ready to accept international patients for treatment.

The only condition for entering the country for treatment is a pathology that poses a threat to life, or the absence of an option of treatment for your cancer diagnosis in the local hospitals.

What do you need for undergoing treatment abroad during the pandemic?

To go abroad for treatment, it is necessary to have an invitation from the hospital, a medical visa, medical insurance, a negative test for COVID-19 at the moment of arrival to the country, and all necessary medical reports.

It is easier to come to Europe for those who have a Schengen visa or for residents of the EU. If these are not your current options, you need to issue a medical visa at the embassy at the place of residence. For this, you need to receive an invitation from the clinic in which it must be confirmed that all financial matters are resolved and that the medical procedure is needed urgently.

Upon arrival, quarantine is possible, but the requirements for the duration of the quarantine differ depending on the country, city, and clinic. In most clinics, it is enough to have a coronavirus test upon arrival. In a couple of days, treatment can be started.

The precise requirements for undergoing cancer treatment during lockdown are available at the link.

How to go for cancer treatment during the coronavirus pandemic?

Many clinics have been redesigned to fight the coronavirus, so they do not accept patients without COVID-19. Even large medical centers do not admit patients with cardiac diseases, for example. Patients face problems, as there may be only a few local clinics that admit patients with different medical conditions.

If you are in a similar situation, you should know that treatment abroad is still available for you, even during the lockdown. How to go abroad for treatment is another matter. It is certainly not easy right now. But there are people that can help you.

The world’s most transparent medical tourism company Booking Health has helped many patients to undergo cancer treatment abroad during the pandemic. Here’s how:

  • Booking Health negotiates with the foreign hospital and issues the invitation necessary for entering the country
  • Booking Health tells you about all required medical reports and translates them for you
  • Booking Health resolves the issue of obtaining a medical visa (if the visa request has been declined, Booking Health deals with the situation through federal police)
  • Booking Health takes care about flight tickets, accommodation, transfer from the airport and provides the services of an interpreter for the time of treatment

Besides, with Booking Health you choose from the best hospitals in the world that have proved their reliability in the international medical arena over the years.

You can start your cancer treatment right now, by leaving the request on the Booking Health website.


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