Top 3 Places To Get Your Hands On Secondhand Fenty

Covid-19 has made huge changes to the fashion industry. Apparel manufacturing, from H&M to Chanel depends on supplies from all over the globe, and pandemic related travel restrictions have been particularly difficult for the industry to cope with, forcing many couture houses to adapt their manufacturing processes or risk closing their doors. Unfortunately, Fenty has become the latest fashion casualty, with LVMH announcing on February 10th that the house would be closing indefinitely, so brand lovers won’t be able to get their hands on their favorite pieces for a while. Luckily, there’s a decent secondhand market for Fenty and I found some great sites where you can get some of your favorite pieces used. Better for the planet, and your wallet, win-win!

Purple Fenty x Puma sneakers with bow

Alina Boldina/Shutterstock

1. ModeSens 

ModeSens isn’t your typical secondhand site but it’s so useful that I felt the need to include it here. Rather than acting directly as a middleman for secondhand sellers, ModeSens allows you to search by brand and product and gives you price comparisons across multiple sellers to help you get your favorite pieces at the most affordable price. ModeSens also offers free product authenticity protection on all tracked orders. If you happen to get a faux designer product, you will be reimbursed and the seller will be banned from the site. You can also download the ModeSens browser extension to save your favorite items and their selling information directly from the web.

2. Poshmark 

Poshmark is the place to get luxury fashion items. It’s one of the most popular secondhand fashion retailers. A quick search for Fenty gives pages and pages of results for Fenty clothing and beauty items, so you’ll have quite the variety to choose from. Every item is sold under Posh Protect, which allows you to return any item for inauthenticity or undisclosed damage within 3 days of delivery for a full refund. Your payment won’t be released to the seller until the third day post-delivery, so refunds are hassle-free. You can also take advantage of Posh Authenticate and have your luxury items shipped to HQ to have authenticity verified by third party luxury experts. If your item’s authenticity cannot be verified, you’ll be refunded in full. Posh Authenticate is automatically included with orders upwards of $500.

3. Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective doesn’t have the largest range of Fenty items, but it’s a reliable source for designer fashion regardless. There is an authentication fee for each item, but it’s fairly small and adjusts depending on the price of the item. This seems to be a site that’s not as well known but it has a trusted authentication process on every single item and some great pieces, definitely worth a look.


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