Cardi B Reveals How She Became A Hip-Hop Legend

Cardi B fans already know much of the 28-year-old rapper’s not-so-glamorous past, but few have heard the full story on what made her decide to really try to become a rapper. Cardi is well-known for her days (or rather, nights!) of dancing before she fell into the rap game, and the artist herself posted a tweet yesterday seemingly reminiscing her past career. The tweet is captioned “I miss the ghetto.” and shows the queen herself next to a literal mountain of dollar bills.

This particular tweet received some rather… controversial feedback, but when paired with her next tweet that the artist posted just half an hour later, it begins to tell more of a story. Cardi posted an Instagram video dating back to November 14, 2015, singing a song it appears she wrote herself. The tune talks about her life at this point in time. Cardi refers to the video in her caption by saying, “I really just used to play around making rhymes up when I was bored till my manager at the time told me why don’t you try to rhyme on a beat …I was like… ok I guess then I actually made some rhymes into a song.”

At this point, we can deduce that the hip-hop star just started creating some beats back at the end of 2015 and that she blew up with her hit “Bodak Yellow” in 2017. That’s got to be pure talent! Within just a little over a year of Cardi’s entry into the rap game, encouraged by no one other than her manager at the club, the artist amassed a whopping $1.5 million by February 2017 after “Bodak Yellow” hit it big.

Cardi’s name hasn’t left the spotlight since then, with her last huge single being the controversial “WAP,” a sex-positive hit all about female empowerment. “WAP” was Cardi’s fourth number-one single in the U.S., topping her previous record of number-one singles in Hot 100 history as a female rapper. Moreover, Cardi became the only female rapper to have number-one singles in Hot 100 in two separate decades. “WAP” was the most-acclaimed song of 2020, but we doubt that that’s all the queen herself has to offer. Cardi B continues to top her own records and prove to women everywhere that you can make it in a “man’s job,” and she is only still at the start of her rap career. We’re excited to see where the Bronx-born rapper goes from here, and we’re eagerly awaiting her next big hit!

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