5 Face Mask Accessories That Offer Comfort & Protection

In 2020, with COVID-19 to thank for their newfound fame, face masks have rapidly become a regular essential. Our most worn items, and an important part of our fashion wardrobe, have been face masks. They come in all colors and prints today, and with features such as ear protectors and filters. When it comes to downsizing the spread, wearing a mask and wearing it correctly is the first rule. To achieve proper security, your mask needs to fit comfortably against your skin.
Face mask accessories are only starting to gather momentum, with the first mask-integration wear to gain popularity on social media platforms such as lanyards and chains. If you’re unfamiliar with the accessorizing face mask world, you should know that it’s not just about fashion. Whether you’ve bought those recently that don’t suit you correctly, don’t stress! Here are several accessories to help you personalize your mask to adjust to your face, stop fogging, and reduce ear pressure while wearing it with glasses.

Face Mask Extender Straps

Whether your face mask is fitting too snug or loose on your face, look no further than extender straps. These straps are made of silicone and have interlocking bumps to allow the ear loops of your mask to wrap around the strap at your comfort level. The extender strap can also ease any ear tightening problems by using the strap to wrap around your neck comfortably. Try these face mask extenders from Amazon, a pack of 4 straps at $7.

Anti-Fog Spray

While a spray isn’t necessarily an accessory, it is quite essential by keeping your eyewear from clouding up when you’re wearing a face mask, it will certainly improve your wardrobe and general comfort level. When going out, just spray a tiny amount on your glasses, wipe it out, and enjoy perfect vision all day long. Perk: The spray also operates on mirrors, goggles, and several other surfaces sensitive to fog. Try the Optix 55 Anti-Fog Spray, an all-natural product from Amazon for $10.55.

Face Mask Chain

Eyewear chains and face mask chains are pretty much interchangeable because their function is very similar; supporting and holding any face accessory that can be clamped down with a clip. there are many choices to choose from, in terms of style. From beaded, metal, and leather, there are a plethora of styles to pick from. If you are looking for a sleek, minimal style here are some stylish metal chains to try from Sigonna Store on Amazon for $23.95.

Face Balm

Wearing face masks for a prolonged time can cause some irritation to your skin. the friction of the mask can cause your face to develop some discomfort. To shield your skin from discomfort, use this MedZone Face Balm ($14). It is made from relaxing ingredients such as vitamin E and aloe.

Face Mask Supportive Frame

These silicone aided frames serve as a barrier between the surface of the face mask  and your face. Make-up, and skincare products won’t be visble and transfer on your mask. Many reviewers on Amazon have raved about 3D Face Mask Inner Brackets ($7) becasue of how helpful it is to wear inside your mask for extra comfort and act as a buffer for your face.

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