Emma Chamberlain Partners With Pacsun For Spring 2021 Collection

","level":0,"displayType":"paragraph"}],"displayType":"section"}]}]; var articleType = 'ARTICLE'; var favoriteImage = ''; var articleDescription = 'Popular YouTuber Emma Chamberlain has partnered with the youthful Californian brand, Pacsun for their Spring 2021 campaign. However, there is a more special message as to why the collaboration started. By focusing on mental health, the inspiration behind the partnership is about self-reflection and well-being. “Our Spring 2021 campaign is inspired by the idea of bringing our self-reflections of the past year into an optimistic lens for the future, so as a talent who is so deeply connected to her audience, Emma was the perfect choice to collaborate with,” said Brie Olson, the chief brand officer for Pacsun. Chamberlain won’t just be the face of the new campaign but will also be a part of Pacsun’s biweekly Instagram live series called “PacTalks,” which is centered around mental health topics and her “PacTalk” will be in April.'; var slide_index = parseInt(0); var slide_json = createSlides(slides, articleType, favoriteImage); var initial_slide = slide_index; var initial_url = location.pathname + location.search; var base_url = '/2021/02/23/emma-chamberlain-partners-with-pacsun-for-spring-2021-collection/'; var next_gallery = '/2021/02/22/the-rise-of-the-quarantine-comedian/'; var first_load = true; var has_scrolled = false; var title = "Emma Chamberlain Partners With Pacsun For Spring 2021 Collection"; var path = base_url