Top 5 Best Special Holiday Reese’s – RANKED

With every holiday or major annual event, there’s a new holiday candy released. There are those seasonal candies that are only available for a certain time of the year. There are also those special editions of our favorite candies. And no candy does these better than Reese’s.

However, not all holiday Reese’s are created equal. While they are all good, some are clearly better than others. Here is an official ranking of every special edition holiday Reese’s candy.

5. Ghosts (Halloween)

You might not know these even exist. And that alone puts these at the bottom. Ghosts are also a weird shape to have a candy be in. You have a way better candy for Halloween, Reese’s. Stick with those.

4. Christmas Trees (Christmas)

Reese's trees


Another weird shape for candy. Especially a candy like Reese’s. It’s weird to eat, and it has the same amount of chocolate and peanut butter as a regular candy. They also aren’t super memorable as compared to other holiday Reese’s.

3. Pumpkin (Halloween)

Reese's pumpkins


Reese’s Pumpkins are the superior Halloween Reese’s. They’ve got a lot of peanut butter, and they are bigger than regular Reese’s. They’re just a little weirdly shaped.

2. Eggs (Easter)

Reese's eggs


It’s a full oval of peanut butter and chocolate. What could be better? It also has to rank high for that amazing commercial. We all know the one. *Insert that Marvin Gaye song.*

1. Hearts (Valentine’s Day)

Chocolate hearts


Reese’s Valentine Hearts are underrated. And they are better than the eggs, controversial opinion. They are the perfect balance of chocolate and peanut butter. They also make giant Reese’s hearts, which automatically puts them close to the top of this list.


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