How to Plan a Zoom Graduation

Graduation is always such an exciting event. You get to see all your friends and celebrate all you have accomplished over the last several years. Unfortunately, with the pandemic still raging, graduation is going to be different this year. If your school has canceled graduation, here are a few ideas to help you plan your own quarantine graduation event.

If you want to have a socially distanced graduation, you and your friends can have one over zoom. Although Zoom graduation will require more preparation and creativity on your part, it means that all of your family and friends can attend the event live, or watch it later. Everyone you love can participate, as long as they have internet access. Let your loved ones know that you’re holding your graduation over zoom, and make sure everyone knows how to use it. It won’t be fun for your grandparents to realize they can’t make the video work 5 minutes before graduation. Make sure there are people that can help your less tech-savvy attendees join the ceremony.

Next, you and any friends you are graduating with a need to decide on what you want to do for the ceremony. Does someone want to give a speech? What music will be playing in the background? Are there any decorations you want to hang behind you for everyone to see? Decide with your friends what would work best for all of you, and give yourselves plenty of time to put it all together. Remember to have fun with it too. This is your graduation, so if you want it to be a more casual event, go for it. You can wear your PJs under your cap and gown, and play an instrumental version of your favorite Taylor Swift song if that’s your style. Throw graduation that reflects you and your personality. It’s your big day.   

After you’ve got the planning details squared away, you should send out graduation announcements to everyone. Take a few cute photos and decide which ones you want to use. If you want to make your announcements extra special, opt for personalized graduation invites to your zoom grad ceremony. Your friends and family will love seeing your smiling face and your personal style on your cards. 

Good luck planning your quarantine graduation! Remember to send out grad announcements, decide on how the ceremony will go, and make sure everyone knows how to use zoom. Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment!

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