Hulu Announces Victoria’s Secret Docuseries

Hulu’s The Rise and Fall of Victoria’s Secret, a three-part series, is set to debut in 2022. Director and former Vanity Fair writer Matt Tyrnauer and filmmaker Peter Berg have already begun production.

Through first-hand accounts and investigative research, the docuseries will examine the lingerie brand’s 40-year history and cultural impact. According to a March 2020 press release, Tyrnauer and Berg hope to “shed light on the inner workings of a once-powerful sector of the world of fashion, adding context to both the positive and negative aspects of a rapidly transforming industry with global impact, and explore the extensive connection between fashion and culture and what happens when a brand hits the cultural zeitgeist.”


Victoria’s Secret has long been criticized for its lack of inclusivity. After ignoring consumer demands for change, the brand watched its profits drop by almost 50% in 2018. More than fifty retail stores in the United States closed the year after. Without proper funding or celebrity support, Victoria’s Secret’s annual fashion show hasn’t aired since 2017.

More recently, the lingerie brand found itself under fire for old ties to arrested sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. While Les Wexner, Victoria’s Secret L Brands chief, claims Epstein misappropriated $46 million of his family’s funds, there’s reason to suspect Epstein used his association to lure unsuspecting women into illegitimate meetings.

Hulu’s track record of powerful docuseries, including Hillary, Fyre Fraud, Minding the Gap and I Am Greta, anticipates an exciting 2022 release for The Rise and Fall of Victoria’s Secret.

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